We go together like Blankets and Wine Part II

Monday, December 6, 2010

Beautiful people, Yes you! Blankets and Wine had loads of fashionable people..unfortunately we could not pick everyone. We did take pictures of people who definitely needed and deserved a mention, enjoy the images and look out for part III

Look at those trainers!!Fedora anyone?

Blue and White and Sunglasses

Young Musicians

Not sure about tights in the sunshine..but hurray for teal coloured shoes

Pretty smiles!

Retro T-Shirt

Pink Leopard!

Tourist getting in on the Henna fad

Big Hat, Harem Pants and Ethnic Print Maxi Dress


Earthy Red Accents, Mary looks pweety!

Your two favourite bloggers!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your feature in BGLH! And you should do more features like this, especially in Nairobi:)

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Anony....Thanks I am really pleased with being featured...We are definitely trying to do more features like this to give people from other parts of the world a glimpse into life in Kenya..Thanks again ;-)

Anonymous said...

How good do I feel about knowing SEVEN people in these pics?????? Plus the lady in blue and white is my work mate, just showed her the pic and she's smiling super hard!!

Love it!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@ChilliMango (lol your names gives me memories of my childhood..si we should have a chillimango date since its the season anyway). The blue and white dress is amazing..ebu ask her where she got it from...glad we got her smiling...could you possibly send me her number I would love to send the picture to her...and where were you?

Anonymous said...

Hello, My sister and I totally Love your blog, we follow it religiously. Your blankets and wine photos were awesome, we are really looking forward to coming back home and seeing these photos just made me want to fast forward time.oooh i love your outlook on fashion and natural hair too.. seeing that i have natural hair too. Continue doing what you do.. You keep us very entertained .

Anonymous said...

I was at home....sprawled infront of the tv, convincing myself all afternoon to get up and head there.....I feel so ashamed. I shall inbox u her number on FB..

Miss D said...

You look lovely, ladies...

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