We Go Together Like Blankets and Wine (Pt. 1)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hi there gorgeous!

You should know by now that Nyash and I love to get social; well, we rounded up a couple of our good friends last Sunday and headed off to Karen for the Blankets and Wine gig... The concept behind the event, as the name suggests, involves grabbing a few blankets and some good wine (cheap or otherwise), sitting on said blankets and enjoying some amazing local artists perform on stage... perfect way to end the weekend!

(the peeps)

(the wine... too much wine)

(the performers)

(more performers... I love her intensity)

(the awesome crowd)

(the fun we had)

(the beautiful people)

(the little dogs!)

(the big dogs)

(more beautiful people... I know, right!)

(the cuddles)

(the gangster pose)

(and the smiles that lasted all through the night)

Happy Friday my lovelies... Pt.2 coming up xxxo
kinky_lockz said...

you ladies looked lovely! i have to admit this post was like receiving a "wish you were here" postcard .. i is jealous

kinky_lockz said...

P.S. i *see* you Nyash and those two cups lol

Anonymous said...

Wow I wish I was there. Is this in Kenya?

chyikum said...

the guy in the last pic...i love his eyebrows

Chilli Mango said...

So I was going through your pics on Facebook last week (I know, stalkerish behaviour right there), and Mary, I have the same exact dress that you have on, only mine has grey and black stripes. You were looking fantastic!!! Plus I loved the boots you had on, you looked really amazing.

And as for you Nyash....what can I say, you are so beautiful!

Have a lovely week y'all!!

Mary Mogoi said...

hola ladies! how are ya!

Miss Kinky! tell you what we will be letting you guys know when we plan on going for our little outtings and maybe you could join us (those who are in kenya)

Chilli Mango i love your style! and thanks for the compliments... I stalk you as well by the way (its what friends do!) I cant wait for the readers to see your first post!

Nyashy Washy said...

@Kinkylockz heheheheheehe whats in my cups? lol Thanks for the compliment..We shall definitely try to do this posts more often so at least you guys outside Kenya can share in whats been going on at home
@Anonymous...Yes this is definitely Kenya..beautiful isn't it?

@Chyikum...This man has eyebrows to die for...

@ChilliMango...you sure know how to make two girls feel very special lol...by the way..I need to send you an email (doing that after this)

Faith said...

That looks like such a good time,i miss home :-(

Mary said...

@Faith, yeah it was a lovely day. Hope you will be coming back home really soon! :) enjoy your day

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