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Friday, December 10, 2010

Firstly, I would just like to Thank each and every one of you for reading and following the blog. This week has been epic for us and we have received so much love from the internet and blogosphere and we are so humbled by your kind comments and words. Thanks a bunch guys.

On to the next one! Yeah so I decided to document my deep conditioning procedure, Yeah I care that much lol. This is what I did,
  • In three sections, I prepooed with Coconut oil for about 30mins
  • I then diluted some cheapie shampoo and then poured the shampoo on my scalp and rubbed gently then rinsed it out
  • I then applied the deep conditioner in 4 sections on my head.
Tip: I recently discovered a new trick, after I apply the deep conditioner, I rub some coconut oil in my palm and apply it on each section with deep conditioner and then cover with a shower cap/plastic bag and leave it on for 45mins.The coconut oil makes my hair really smooth and detangling after this is usually a breeze

Coconut oil and Cheapie Venus Shampoo

Deep Conditioner, Leave In Conditioner and Co Wash Conditioner

Hair with Coconut oil prepoo

I should have shampooed in 4 braids but was too lazy. The front of my hair looks much redder than any other part.

Hair in 3 sections with deep conditioner and coconut oil applied

After Rinsing out the Shampoo,Without Flash (notice how my hair just looks dark brown)

With Flash, the red henna tint is very noticeable.

Yup, thats me! Hair full of deep conditioner.

After detangling with the wide toothed comb and denmanesque brush.

Tip: A new trick I have discovered while detangling is that if you deep conditioner does not have a great deal of slip. Just mix some conditioner and water in a spray bottle, fill it half with water and the rest with conditioner then spritz the hair until it is super saturated and slowly detangle. I did not lose as much hair as I normally do using this method

After rinsing out the deep conditioner and detangled, I applied my shea butter leave in and sealed with coconut oil, then used ecostyler gel to do my twists.
I hate this picture but I wanted to show it to you just to show you how thin my hair actually is. Twists do not look too great on me because of my fine hair but I find a way to make it work (I will soon do a post on styling fine hair and ways to deal with fine hair).This took about 40mins to do.I always do it while watching TV and this makes it easier.

My nails of the week. I love this colour, its a very pale green by LA Colours. Kshs 150 at Our Price Biashara Street

Jc said...

lol Our Price used to be my hangout for African Pride products. Oh such memories lol!

I never wash my hair loose,that would be playing with fire.

You look like you have a Senegalese rope twist but an American style twist may help give your hair more fullness. The video below is an example of the differences.

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@JC I am such a big fan of your blog especially being a scientist in training. I love how incorporate science and journal papers in your posts...You are a big inspiration
Our Price is still there..

I normally wash in braids but this time I did it loose.. Thank you so much for the link. I had no idea there are different types of twists...I just twist hair without really thinking about it, hopefully I should get more fullness from this method.

Anonymous said...

Hey :)
Love your blog. You guys are doing an awesome job! I had no idea there was such an active natural hair movement in Kenya. I've been abroad for 3yrs now so I guess you could say I'm out of the loop. Lol. Anyway...I happen to suffer from a serious case of "hand-in-fro syndrome". I just can't stop touching my hair, which would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that I unconsciously touch my face afterwards, which causes me to breakout :(. Any ideas on how to beat this disease?

Jc said...

Thanks Nyachomba :)

Kagem said...

Your hair looks lovely, well done love!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Kagem..Thank you very much..
@Anonymous Thank you so much for the love!! There is a growing natural hair movement and MAry and I are really hoping that it only gets bigger. Hand in Fro Disease is a major syndrome...I shall have to think about that for a little bit and either comment and do a post on it...Glad your liking the blog as well..

missWairema said...

hey sorry, i didn't quite get one part, do you detangle with the deep conditioner in the hair or after rinsing? :)
wanna henna and do this after this weekend.
also, big fan, y'all are awesome, etc. :)

Nyachomba said...

@MissWairema...Its best to detangle with deep conditioner still in your makes it much easier for the comb to glide through :-) Happy hennaing

jaqjerry said...

Hi Nyachomba, great work. I recently did a big chop and not quite sure on what to do with my hair...i would want it dark and kinky. i have read thru your blog on the regimens. any good salon in town that knows how to pimp up natural hair for lazy girls? Thanks. Any help is welcome

Nyachomba said...

Hey jagjerry..Thanks for the comment..Umm to be honest we do not know of any natural hair salons...maybe just go and describe what you want to the hair stylist you normally use...hope that helps..sadly we are the full DIY divas

Catherine Kunyiha said...

Lovely blog, had no idea there was such a forum in Kenya. A quick one,where do you get your coconut oil from?

Catherine Kunyiha said...

Hi Nyachomba,
This is really good stuff, had no idea we have such movement in Kenya. Where do you get your coconut oil from?


Nyachomba said...

Hi you can get this particular brand from Healthy U stores..however you can also get another brand called Parachute from most Nakumatts and is a link to what the bottle looks like

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