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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello all!

In case there are those of you who didn't know, Nyash and I started out with a Facebook Page before we became serious bloggers (ok, pseudo-serious)... Every once in a while we like to put something up on the page and every so often some of our awesome readers will post up something that's pretty spectacular! Serious fun I tell you!

One such reader is the lovely NN; she was kind enough to give us her take and experience with fairy knots and how she learnt how to manage the nasty little buggers. Below is her post:

Evil fairy knots....

I love wearing my kinky/curly hair out but with that comes the dreaded single strand knots/fairy knots. This has seriously gotten in the way of my beloved wash-n-go's so I turned to low-manipulation and protective styles (twists/ twist-outs etc). Even then those pesky SSK and spilt ends reared their ugly heads!! I need BIG hair in my life, I love shrinkage and most of all, the rush of the shower pouring water down my entire being from head to toe is too tempting. So in the spirit of 'sharing is caring' here are a few tips I picked up through research and experimentation:

• Shampoo & condition hair in sections/ large twists or braids instead of handling your whole head. This leads to less tangles and matting, and makes detangling much easier as well.

• Oil Rinsing:
- Shampoo hair
- Apply favorite oil to hair, leave in for 5 mins
- Rinse out the oil with warm water
- Then condition hair with favorite conditioner
- Rinse out conditioner with cold water

• Detangle hair only while damp/wet (or under running water) and saturated with conditioner. Comb/Brush from the ends to the roots. Use a wide-tooth detangling comb, follow with a (paddle) brush if you wish AND BE PATIENT... no pulling or tugging! That's rude :p

• Seal in the moisture with an oil after applying a leave-in, concentrating on the ends.

[REALITY CHECK: ALL my fairy knots and spilt ends did not disappear but I did notice a considerable difference and thus I formulated this hypothesis... If my hair stays moisturised and stretched out when manipulating and/or air drying then SSK and split ends are less likely to attack

Special thanks to NN for the post and thanks for all of you for reading.
Enjoy your day everyone X
kinky_lockz said...

thanks Mary for the feature!! after reading Nyash's previous post I knew she was on to something when she said moisturise... its like the answer to everything with our hair lol

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Kinky_lockz...That was a good read..Thank you so much...plus your hair is looking lovely...facebook stalking lol. Our hair loves moisture and by regular moisturising we reduce breakage and this pesky knots

Mary said...

I got me some thirsty moisture-dependent hair!

The more moisture we lock in the more length we retain :)
Keep it natural x

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