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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey all!

Today I would like to introduce you to one special lady, my gorgeous pal Muthoni (Nonie). She's a wild one; a free-spirit and rebel with a cause (plus an amaaaazing cook).

So guess what... last evening, after a hard days work, Nonie decides that shes done transitioning for a little over two months and wants to go back to being totally natural (shes had natural bra-strap length hair before and BC'd in the past) . I was like, "Girl, let's do this tomorrow after work..." she didn't want to hear it, "Today", she said, "before I lose my nerve, now let's go!"

Now how could I say no.

Here are a couple of pictures of her 'Before':

Gorgeous girl :)

That's Nonie and our good pal Tim (he has the most beautiful curls... I'll post something up on him as soon as he grows them out)

Back at her place, I run to the fridge to look for something to drink (FOOD) and when I turn around there's Nonie, scissor in hand, completely going at her ponytail! I scurried for the camera. This was it, she wasn't kidding around.

Girlfriend going AT IT!

Good bye relaxed ends.

I took over at this point, removing any and all traces of relaxed hair that we could find.

BAM! au naturale! Rocking her TWA!
At this point she was all bright-eyed and excited! She couldn't keep her hands off it, "Oh I've missed you..." she cooed.

And now for some nonie-indulgent pics... Enjoy!

How pretty is that!

How long have you been natural?
1 day and loving it!

Why did you chemically treat your hair and when?
I had to for a job interview process... Long story didn't get it but was stuck with hair :(

How did it feel doing your big chop?
Relief! Happiness! Joy!

What reaction did you receive from your family, friends and workmates?
It was all positive they said I suited it so I guess I was lucky in that regard

What is your current regimen?
Moisturiser!!!!! And lotsa conditioning....

What would you tell a new natural, or transitioning nubie?
Love it and keep it well moisturized

What do you love most about being natural?
It feels like me... It's so easy to love

Anything else you want to add?
I can't wait to see it grow and to style it...

Thanks for reading!
Shones said...

Gorgeous! You and Tim both look really familiar to me. Hmm. Anyway, great cut, and I appreciate that you just went for it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how different one looks because of a haircut. Whoa, I had no idea some people in Kenya felt they had to relax their hair to get a job! I've only heard those sentiments come from those living in the U.S. or Europe. Why not blow-dry and keep it natural or try some other style options? Wish her many happy hair days!


kinky_lockz said...

a lady with initiative :) happy hair growing, Muthoni!

Jc said...

I have to agree with anon, I have not really heard of people in Kenya relaxing hair for an interview. I would love to know more (what sector of work).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! Muthoni here, basically it was for screen tests for a TV anchor job. It's usually quite a process as they eliminate and I just got tired of wearing wigs by the time I was on the 7th cycle and had around 6 more to go... So yes in certain sectors in Kenya too the straightened look is more appreciated... Even most banks by the way...

Mary said...

Hey everyone...
Muthoni looks fab! I've been grinning like a madwoman ever since :)

Yeah you'd be surprised how most corporate organizations and the media view relaxed hair as more official and presentable. It's something we grew up with (the face the modern woman never had no fro!)

But this is changing; that's for sure. More people have dreads now more than ever and natural hair is beginning to be a frequent sight. Slowly but surely

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

Muthoni is a diva...She is so brave...Big Ups to Muthoni..not many people would be so brave..

Rodney Livanze said...

Looking Good Miss!

Anonymous said...

That's just sad! Not to mention ridiculous. That people have come to believe that something that comes naturally needs to be "fixed". I now understand why people stare at my hair whenever I visit a salon, wondering why I'm not getting a retouch.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to add this: While I understand that most organizations do not expect you to show up to work with a huge blown out fro, what's wrong with other styles like braids, cornrows or twists if neatly done? It would be great to hear from people that actually work in those industries.

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@MsAnon...It is sad that we have to change something thats so prominent on our heads just to make it in certain industries. I have a cousin not sure if I can mention her name here..but might try to get her to do an interview with Mary and I, she works on television and she is not allowed to have her hair in anything else apart from weaves and they mainly have to be straight and her own relaxed hair. She cannot even have braid or cornrows and this is a policy that the media house have.

As Africans, I would love to see more natural hair in our media houses...I know SABC the South African Network have many of their presenters with natural hair...Why can't other media houses embrace women with hair thats not relaxed or straight weaved

Anonymous said...

Muthoni you are so beautiful. I've been scared to chop off my hair because I've only known relaxed hair my entire life. The thing is though, as it stands my hair is really long but so thin and limp.

I'm going to try and transition and hopefully get the nerve to do my BC after 6months.

Keep up the great work ladies

Anonymous said...

Nyash, I know who you are speaking of and a relative of mine works there as an anchor as well , and she does also rock the straight weaves all the time. Although for her I know it's been her preference for ages, and she does look beautiful in them, it still is disheartening, given the actual name of the station and their major viewer-ship demographic, I would expect that they would embrace natural hair with OPEN ARMS and CHEQUES.

I know of one lady who worked as an anchor on a major TV station here for eons, but had to don a wig every night to hide her locks. Oh well.

If the media was able to warm up to a news anchor in a hijab, then hopefully they will accept a natural haired anchor soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Muthoni here again,
Thanks for all your comments but the truth is media houses can only change if we the viewer pressure them to. If people are more receptive to weaves and straight hair then that's what will always rule on air.

Going back to my natural hair this year is one of the most refreshing things I've done and to be honest I'm so relieved that I won't have a sensitive scalp anytime soon :) Plus I LOVE the look...

Just_Zain said...

Noniiiiiii!!! You did it! Woop woop!! You look amazing! Congratulations on your BC!!! :) :)

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@ChilliMango I am so pleased with the optimism....if they can have hijab wearing anchors then why not cornrows and twistouts lol...maybe we could start a revolution!

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