10 things we're definitely going to do next year: Cont'd

Friday, December 17, 2010

1. Give the blog a new name. Ok, we love "The Natural Girl's Guide to Beauty" but just picture this; imagine try telling it to someone as you jump off a moving vehicle, with three seconds to spare, in the middle of a street parade... you dig? It's too long and kinda hard to remember (and type out). So, in the spirit of progress, we are definitely considering a new name (what do you guys think).

2. Come 2011, expect this... VIDEOS! Yes, we will post up short tutorials (hair, make-up, blunders, fashion etc). People, don't expect magic, we are a simple folk prone to error but we shall do our very best to make them informative and high-quality.

3. Go .com - more of that 'spirit of progress' stuff (^_^)

4. Do a heck of a lot more protective styling and promote challenges and product reviews; Nyash and I will give you guys the low-down on how and where we will get our hair done (be it at home or professionally). For our Kenyan followers we will do salon reviews (complete with pics and interviews). For our international readers, we will give you an insight to what hair care looks like here in Africa :)

5. More fun restaurant and cultural event reviews! Picture heavy and full of awesomeness! (Lordy, we will need some kinda budget for this...)

6. Put the VEG back in Vegetarian. None of that white-meat-eating-vegetarian stuff. Wish us luck. This will be a tough one.

7. Work out consistently and eat healthily as well. Nyash and I will chronicle our road to "happy and healthy".

8. Have the first ever official NATURAL HAIR MEET UP this side of the Sahara. YEEEEAAAAAAAAH BOI!!!!!

9. Take to the Streets of Nairobi and post up street fashion for you guys. Kenya is full of beautiful people of all manner of cultural backgrounds. Can't wait, this should be epic.

10. Grow this hair like you wouldn't believe... BAA's here we come.

Thanks for reading x
Zip said...

I'm with you on name search!!I'm going vegan next yr..more specifically..lactovo-vegan...so we in that one together...blogs awesome....but if you incorporate stuff you mention(more of it...since you kinda do already)...it'd be grrweat!! Yipeeeeee a natural people's sthing........oh miennnnn,,already excited,party freak me! Happy holidays ya'll

Anonymous said...

Ladies, i am a Kenyan lady currently in the states and i love your blog. I have a big smile as i am reading your ambitious (and very doable) plans for 2011, i wish i could be in Nairobi when you have your meetup as i would gladly attend. You have a beautiful spirit and seem like so much fun.

Neema said...

I love your blog!!!!!!. I'm in the States as well. I think you should have a blog naming contest. I wish you fun, happiness and blessings as you look to accomplish your 2011 goals.

nyardaddy "linda" otieno said...

Heeeeeeeeeeyyyy!!!became vegeterian three weeks ago so far so good I just try and put all the lovely spices in my veggies and it makes them so lovely I don't think twice about meaty stuff....I guess this response is to both of u...I actually I knew nyash way back primary as for mary am linda...pleasure knowing u.first things first love ur work and trust me I have been inspired to go natural...nyash so I started braiding to get rid of all the permed hair but I feel like its taking forever so two days took the brave step went to the barbers and he cut it off till where my growth was actually my natiural hair looks quite healthy and nice...so I need tips its about 3inches now more like a very short afro and all I did to it was wash it put hair mayonaisse then applied leave in carrot tea tree oil treatment wanted a few tips from the hair experts mary and nyash on what I can use and cheap ones especially with the winter and snow all over london......thanks.ADORE YOUR WORK LADIES and wish you all the best with the 2011 plans

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Zip....Yeah what we might do is come up with a few names and get you guys involved via a vote...Much more coming up on the blog...As for being vegan all the best with that...healthy though..
@Anony..Thanks so much..glad we have readers in diaspora..we are very grateful for the support and we shall try to make sure we give you as much of Kenyan Natural hair scene...onwards and upwards 2011
@Neema...Thanks...We shall definitely have a vote for the blog name and get our followers involved so please do follow us...
@Linda...Being Vegetarian is amazing...I have fallen off that a little bit due to being easily derailable..but 2011 is my veggie year. Congrats on the Big Chop...so proud of you lol you sound like your doing well with maintenance..please search through the blog and you will get loads of tips on how to take care, however you seem to be in the know already..Thanks a bunch

Anonymous said...

So I was really looking forward to bumping into you at Blankets and Wine yesterday......:-(

In other news, my Bestest friend Big chopped over the weekend!!!

Mad Excitement. Hope you're all great, and yay to 2011 goals.

A Simple Thing said...

Man, I feel you on the blog name and the .com business - having a long blog name and then having to add .blogspot after it is loooooooooooong >.<

Good luck on everything else! I'm looking forward to seeing all the modifications!

Mary said...

@A Simple thing.. this is it man, we doing it big 2011 (cue eye of the tiger music)!

Chilli, so sorry about the event, we will definitely give you a shout when we go for the next gig :(, AWESOME news about your pal, congratulations on that :)

Hola miss linda, pleasure to meet you! Zip, Neema you guys are all stars, the blog naming contest sounds golden! (I'm in a lovely mood!)Smells like christmas

Anonymous said...

All the ideas are great! For the name, pick something that's easy to remember. As for going vegetarian, I'm wondering why so many people feel the need to in Kenya. So long as there's a healthy balance in your diet and you exercise, what's the reason? I know there are issues about hormones and animals being exposed to lots of antibiotics. Veggies and fruits can also be exposed to pesticides that leave residue. This is a huge problem in the States but probably less so in Kenya. So, why?


Neema said...

Thanks Mary! Do you guys have an email address?

@S, I do agree a balanced diet is great, but you can't knock the health benefits of being vegetarian. It is amazing how great your body feels. Merry Christmas.

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@S...For me, my main reason for going vegetarian is I do not think humans were made to eat meat and meat does not do well with our bodies and I have realised since I went on a vegetarian diet..I do not get sick and it has made a dramatic difference to my menstruation (TMI?) I have fewer days of menses and also I do not cramp at all. However this does not mean I knock anyone that eats meat...do what works for you. My skin has also been clearer since taking out meat and dairy.

motomoto said...

Good luck with the plans. Definitely look forward to hearing and seeing more about hip Kenya.

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