10 things we are glad we did this year

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 things we are glad we did this year

  1. Starting the blog was monumental and we are so glad we did it. January 2nd 2010. 170 posts later we are still here and getting so much love! We do appreciate all those who have supported us (not going to mention names) but we really are very grateful
  2. Running the 10K. This started as a joke and we hardly trained hard enough. We did manage to finish the run in 1hr 15mins. Next year 21kms
  3. Stopped obsessing about length. As you start your hair journey your influenced by all this bloggers and youtubers with long hair and you kind of obsess about your length. Hanging head in shame, that used to be me (Nyachomba). Now I am happy with my hair and not really bothered with having long hair...and always checking how long it is..haven't even done a length check in months!!Love your hair no matter what length is it at!
  4. Loving the bodies we are in!http://thenaturalgirlsguidetobeauty.blogspot.com/2010/11/marathon-body-image-and-everything-in.html. Mary did this post and went through her body image issues and we got tonnes of comments. At the end of it all we decided that Happy and Healthy in any shape or size is freaking awesome. Happy and Healthy!!! This is our mantra.
  5. This is your life, do what you love and do it often! I feel like I finally started living this year, having fun like fun was going out of style, being happy in life, loving like I have never loved before, enjoying food. I am glad I started enjoying life!
  6. Losing out Product Junkiesm. This was awesome. Not having to get a thousand products and just storing them away (I know, sad huh?). Using 2 or 3 products yields the same result so why not just use what works.
  7. Protective styling. This has really worked for Mary. She has been a champion of protective styling and has gained a lot of length from this. Her hair is so healthy, strong and oh so soft....like a feather filled pillow. Big up to Mary and her protective styling and her freaking amazing hair!!!Twist, Kinky Twist, Braid....Thank you!
  8. Attending Blankets and Wine. This was eye opening, we got to meet so many cool people and loads of natural heads which left us very inspired.Knowing that Kenya is having a mini revolution in terms of Natural hair. Well I am ready to be the Che Guevara of the revolution..maybe not as rugged or hot!!(yeah I have a little crush on this Argentinian)
  9. Making cyber friendships with some lovely ladies, Chilli Mango, Kinky_lockz. This ladies have been so supportive and are so gorgeous in real life. So grateful for the comments you ladies leave and we have to have natural hair meet up soonest!!Love ya ladies.
  10. Gave a platform for all the BC and Natural hair stories on the blog. Seeing pictures of you guys on your natural hair journeys is very inspiring not only for us but for other women who may be unsure of how to go about going natural.
P.S I would love to have half of Afro Samurai's Afro...yeah I said it lol
nyardaddy otieno said...

Nyardaddy here I really love reading these posts and am one you would call a "silent fan".am actually slowly being recruited to having natural hair only that am so lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair.Nyachomba when I see ur hair I get energy to start taking care of my hair...as soon as I came to the uk I was made to think that weaves were the main trend only to realize 8months later my hairline was receeding scary sight I tell you and my hair looked weak.What was even funnier was on the days I had no weave on all men and some and I STRESS some women would give me comments of you look so much prettier and younger with your natural hair.*hint*.infact one hot guy was like "linda thank God. You removed those rats tails"haahahha!anyway for three months now I have been having my own but I want it to look like Nyachombas....keep up the good work

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Nyardaddy, I am so glad you commented...being a silent fan is also allowed hehehee. This is definitely why we do this, to hopefully inspire women who are unsure of your hair.

Weaves can be disastrous for your hair, receding hairlines can be left to balding men...and its so true that weaves can make you look older than you actually are....haha never thought of it like that lol

Thanks for the compliment...blush

Mary said...

It's been a good year Nyash...
*fist bump*

Nyardaddy you can do this. Good luck with your hair adventures. Keep us posted with progress and any dreaded hair-woes :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found y'all!!! I feel like bursting into song now, thanks for the shout out :-D

kinky_lockz said...


Nyachomba Kariuki said...

BAA's gooo BAAA lol..we so ready for outrageous big ass afros..

Ktchp.tsauce said...

No link to kinky_lockz?

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