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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey guys,

Hope you are all lovely and enjoying the joys that come with being alive, I have been away but I see Mary has been writing lovely jubbly posts for you. I have decided its been too long since we had a music post and decided to share with you whats on my playlist at the moment,
  1. Tensnake- Holding back my love
  2. N.E.RD. - Hypnotize U
  3. Collie Budz- Blind to you
  4. Diana Ross- Love Hangover
  5. Cecile-Groupie
  6. Jamiroquai- Seven Days in Sunny June ( This was the soundtrack of my short birthday holiday)
  7. Rihanna featuring Drake - Whats my name
  8. Drake- Shut it Down ( Doesn't Drake make lovely feel good to be a woman songs)
  9. Teddy Pendergrass- Close the door
  10. Freemasons- Believer

Lovely day, good people

Nuerki said...

Drake is all I'm in love with :)
you should listen to ''July'' by him..reeeally good!

Nyashy Washy said...

@Nuerki, Drake is Ohhh my...He just makes music for women what!!!I will definitely listen to July

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