LETS BLOW THIS MOTHER!!! progress pics :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hey yaol!

I GOING TO DO A BLOW OUT!!!! Dangit I'm ready! been fully natural for over a year, I think it's time!

Before I go and have that done, here are a few facts about my hair as it stands (reverts, coils.. whatever) followed by a bunch of images I took when I got home from work today:

(a) I have type 4B hair - the coiliest of them all!
(b) I have way too much of it (not a bad thing, except when it comes to detangling)
(c) My hair SHRINKS at the mere mention of moisture
(d) My hair is prone to colour change (ultra black to dirty brown)
(e) I have like three different lengths on my head; front bangs are the shortest, sides are a bit longer, middle and back are the longest (I'm scissor happy, what can I say)

1. This is my hair... you should know I'm kinda iffy about progress pics I suck with those... well anyway here is is, its shrunk (as usual)

2. This is my TWA. After a year and a few odd months.

3. Top length check! BAM!

4. Side length check! BAM!

5. Front length check! (not so BAM!) :(

6. Back length check! BAMMMM!!!!

7. Can we get a close up of that...

8. That's right! I've reached Shoulder Length Hair! HUZZZZAH!

9. This is what me and my hair wore to work today (Borrowed the blouse from Nyash!)

10. AND LASTLY! this is my attempt at a side profile :)

wider shot

OK THAT'S IT... sorry for the image overload.. I'm kinda excited is all!

Thanks for reading... and looking! Questions? Comments?

Anonymous said...

i think we are hair twins!!! yayyyyyyyy!!Your hair is the beezneezz!

Chilli Mango said...


Juceefroot said...

love your hair... i'm transitioning... but i'm almost certain that we have the same hair type:)

I have a blog too.. dedicated to my transition:


Mary Mogoi said...

WOOP WOOP!! hola hair twins :)

Miss Chilli, we want pics and we want em now! you have the darkest thickest hair ever, it must be a gorgeous mini-mane right now!

Thanks for the shout outs ladies!

Mary Mogoi said...

Sup Jucee! Im checking out your blog right now.. congratulations on the transitioning, my sister did the same thing!

There are a lot of 4b sisters out there. Nice. Contrary to popular believe, 4b hair is the most delicate and fragile and we have to be extra gentle. How do you manage the difference in texture while transitioning?

kinky_lockz said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!

Chilli Mango said...

Darling Mary....

Been thinking...can I do an Anniversary post? My 1 year anniversary is coming soon, Jan 14th, 10 days after my birthday (Subtle hint form a loyal follower), and I was thinking, what if I do my year long journey....plus, I have some time off in Dec, so I can work on the questionnaire and round up pics and all?? I realised I have so much to say, I'm so proud of my hair right now...

Will that work?

Nyashy Washy said...

@ChilliMango..Thats such a brilliant idea..coz our one year anniversary is in January, This will be epic methinks..Please do that, I think its a great idea (okay maybe I am a bit too excited), One year hair anniversary, birthday plus one year anniversary of the blog...party anyone?

Chilli Mango said...


Party...working on it...it's my 25th so I'm thinking it should be a big shindig!

Nyashy Washy said...

@ Chilli Mango We are defoooo having a party thats for sure hehehehe....Biggest Shindig

Anonymous said...

OMG KENYAN natural hair revolution?? How come I did not know about this??? GAAA. Iv JUST JUST come across ur blog. How now? where have i beeeeeen? LOL. Been on ALL the US and UK natural hair blogs. For like YEARS. and kumbe we have our own home growns doing their thang??? LOVE LOVE LOVE ur blog!! waaa weeee!!! keep up the good work!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Qilma, Yup you said it..Kenyan Natural Hair Revolution.....Your never too late and glad that you like the blog...we have only been at it for 11 months now...but WELCOME!!!Thanks so much for the kind words, really appreciate it. Please follow and enjoy the posts...

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