Work Appropriate??

Thursday, November 25, 2010

We never do enough fashion posts on this blog so I hurriedly took some pictures of what I wore to work today for you guys. I am not very sure its work appropriate though (eeeek). Excuse the smudges on the mirror.

Jacket( Love this! very Vivienne Westwoodesque) - Miss Selfridge
Dress worn as skirt - Matalan
T-shirt- H&M
Flats- Angelos

I am still trying to figure out how to take better pics so bear with me

Music to my ears

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey guys,

Hope you are all lovely and enjoying the joys that come with being alive, I have been away but I see Mary has been writing lovely jubbly posts for you. I have decided its been too long since we had a music post and decided to share with you whats on my playlist at the moment,
  1. Tensnake- Holding back my love
  2. N.E.RD. - Hypnotize U
  3. Collie Budz- Blind to you
  4. Diana Ross- Love Hangover
  5. Cecile-Groupie
  6. Jamiroquai- Seven Days in Sunny June ( This was the soundtrack of my short birthday holiday)
  7. Rihanna featuring Drake - Whats my name
  8. Drake- Shut it Down ( Doesn't Drake make lovely feel good to be a woman songs)
  9. Teddy Pendergrass- Close the door
  10. Freemasons- Believer

Lovely day, good people

LETS BLOW THIS MOTHER!!! progress pics :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hey yaol!

I GOING TO DO A BLOW OUT!!!! Dangit I'm ready! been fully natural for over a year, I think it's time!

Before I go and have that done, here are a few facts about my hair as it stands (reverts, coils.. whatever) followed by a bunch of images I took when I got home from work today:

(a) I have type 4B hair - the coiliest of them all!
(b) I have way too much of it (not a bad thing, except when it comes to detangling)
(c) My hair SHRINKS at the mere mention of moisture
(d) My hair is prone to colour change (ultra black to dirty brown)
(e) I have like three different lengths on my head; front bangs are the shortest, sides are a bit longer, middle and back are the longest (I'm scissor happy, what can I say)

1. This is my hair... you should know I'm kinda iffy about progress pics I suck with those... well anyway here is is, its shrunk (as usual)

2. This is my TWA. After a year and a few odd months.

3. Top length check! BAM!

4. Side length check! BAM!

5. Front length check! (not so BAM!) :(

6. Back length check! BAMMMM!!!!

7. Can we get a close up of that...

8. That's right! I've reached Shoulder Length Hair! HUZZZZAH!

9. This is what me and my hair wore to work today (Borrowed the blouse from Nyash!)

10. AND LASTLY! this is my attempt at a side profile :)

wider shot

OK THAT'S IT... sorry for the image overload.. I'm kinda excited is all!

Thanks for reading... and looking! Questions? Comments?


The Marathon, Body Image and Everything In between

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hola chicas!

How have you been? Missed you, I have.

So as promised, I will give you a brief overview of my experience during the marathon.


Yeah, that sums it up. Told you it would be brief. At this point I would like to give a very special shout out to my companions that made it possible, they have been with me through it all and continue to be the soles beneath my feet... My tired random trainers: *Standing Ovation Please!*

Today I would like to cover another facet of natural beauty: good old body image.. I confess, for all my years, I am still very confused.

Body Image and the weight issue

Here's a little known fact about me; I am a runner. I love to run! I've been running for just about three years now. It all started in my second year of college; I would jog for 15 min around the school track field, pant and curse miserably, then trod off defeated into the gym... Over time, my running legs grew stronger and before you knew it I would run nearly everyday for an hour (it was college, I had time!)

I lost a ton of weight. Dude, if I had before pics you would understand, here's a pic of my post running body...

Not too shabby... I think

Another thing you should know about me is that I tend to be an extremist. It's GO HARD or go home in my twisted little world. So I trained harder and lost even more weight. I ate like a chipmunk and found all things fatty and sweet ungodly: (due to the extreme graphic nature of my over-gym days, I will not be providing an image). Ok, Ok it wasn't thaaat bad, I was just overtly toned... and skinny. Training for an average of 3hours a day can do that to you..

Now women are pretty much awesome because they can look perfect in any shape or form. This is how the Good Lord deemed it. Western Society somehow messed everything up and tried to make skinny the new beautiful. Everyday I'm bombarded with images of thin twig like models and celebrities losing insane weight. As much as I like to think I'm above all the BRAIN washing... Clearly, I'm really not :(

How GORGEOUS is she, right?

Chanel Iman.... model and overall beautiful girl. Thanks a lot society :(

Victoria Secret models... I swear they are built in a lab somewhere... oh look ! Tyra and Heidi, must be an old pic

Miss Tyra after the whole weight gain and weigh loss fiasco

I love me some JH... at any shape or form

Let's fast foward a year later. This is me now... I haven't gymed for well over a year and I have lost all muscle definition. I stopped gyming because of the nature of my DEMANDING job in the wonderful world of marketing and advertising and promptly gained a sh*tload of weight. I occassionally run though, and work out with awesome DVDs sporadically whenever I have the time or when my feet get restless.

I gain weight primarily on my hip area... my cubes are gone though... sigh

I have THIGHS!!! oh lordy!

But you know the thing about it is.. I kinda like being curvy and feminine.. Herein lies the confusion.

Now ladies, I am prone to flights of fancy, so forgive me if I sound delirious when I say (at my most gym toned) I believe my celebrity body twin is Miss Jessica Biel.

Yup... I even get the muscular arms....

Baby got BACK!! :)

She has a bit of booty and the kind of body that gains muscle really fast... kinda like me. When I hear all sorts of ill-talk about how not feminine her body is I quickly revert and question my own femininity and proceed to eat loads of candy and also take a hiatus from working out... then I see her again and LOVE how healthy and toned she looks so I start to work out at home FANATICALLY and the cycle repeats itself. I have issues. I am currently at work-out-at-home-FANATICALLY mode.

I'm not sure what's better. A rockin' curvy feminine body or a lean, toned and healthy physique. I've been every shape there is and at my extremes, I have coveted the other.

What's the answer ladies? I LOVE being healthy and in shape, but I hate losing my bum and gaining the Incredible Hulk type arms!!! I hate having love handles and not being able to wear anything (I find when i'm slimmer I could look HOT in a garbage bag). I sometimes gain a happy middle ground, but lose myself along the way. So I think its time I stick to one lifestyle.

At present I am working out like a maniac... I'll post pics as soon as my cubes are back. I might look like a pro-wrestler or a beautiful healthy 20-something year old.. feel free to let me know when the time comes.

Please leave a note and tell me what your thoughts on weigh and body image are... all views and standpoints are welcome as always.

Love as always,

Fringe Benefits

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey girlies,

This blog has taken an unfortunate turn and is not really focusing on what we are passionate about i.e. Hair. You must be wondering whats been happening!!Well my hair has been under a weave for all of 3 weeks and its been great just waking up, brushing my hair, tying it into ponytail then out the door.

Before the weave, I shampooed and deep conditioned my hair the day before. After deep conditioning I spritzed a lot of heat protectant on my hair so that my hair could suck it all in. I visited a Hair salon in Apic Centre Westlands and a lovely lady did my hair amidst a lot of chatting. She first blow-dried my hair till it was straight enough to cornrow, the blowdrying was the reason behind the heat protectant the night before. She cornrowed my hair to the back rather than in a concentric circle on my head, and she did actually listen when I told her to be gentle on my edges.

The weave hair I used was some Brazilian hair, not sure of the name now but I used a 10inch piece and an 8 inch piece in number 2 I think which is brown black. She then sewed on the weave on my head and this took about an hour. She then cut the fringe at the front, I did not want it too blunt and rather went for a razored end fringe.

I have been washing and deep conditioning my hair every week, then getting it flat ironed at the salon.

The pictures are below,(I am terribly sorry for how tired I look)

Happy Tuesday lovelies

A 10km Experience according to Nyachomba

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I finished!!!

As you guys know,Mary and I have been training for the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon 10k for a few weeks now. To be honest, I was only doing it to prove to myself that I could actually do it but also it gave me something to work towards as I tried to work on my fitness. I was also challenged by my family (except my lovely brothers) and friends who did not particularly believe I could do it, the "Nyash, there is no way you could manage to finish the 10k" as well as "Hahahahahahaha I will believe it when I see it".

Now you would think I was running the full marathon the way this haters reacted. This not only pushed me harder to prove people wrong but also to prove to myself that I could test my body to running a full 10kms.

Well, from watching Run Fat Boy Run, I planned to train till a day before the race i.e Friday 29th October 2010 then spend a day of carb loading on Saturday . Well I did carb load on Saturday with loads of pasta, chips and milkshakes (yes they are full of carbs...eeeeeekkkkk just laced with a lot of fat). As the evening approached, well lets just say thats where our" sleeping early" plan took a backseat. Who plans a marathon on a day before Halloween tsk tsk? People have to party...shucks!!! this are the kind of arguments that we put forward for going to a party that evening.

Fast forward a few hours later, we got home at 5am (tsk tsk). In a fit of giggles we decided not to sleep rather change into our running gear, have breakfast and try to keep awake.At about 6.30am we left the house headed for Nyayo Stadium where the race was commencing.Pinned our race numbers and headed to the 10K start while our friend Mr 21K headed to the 21K start.

Sunrise on Marathon day

Breakfast of Champs, Oats and Banana!

There were so many people running the 10K that we did not start with all of them and instead started at 8am. Even with all the fatigue from the previous night we managed to have a good start and almost did the first 4kms non-stop. As the run started getting harder, Mary was such a blessing because she kept encouraging me to push on plus also giving me something to work for i.e. try and beat some 3 fit looking guys who were running at kinda the same pace as us two.

Do we look like we have had no sleep?

At Haile Selassie Avenue, I think I hit my wall pretty hard, I was achy and my trainers felt really tight. At this point every muscle in my body was blaming me for lack of rest and torture via suffocation by lactic acid. It was awful but I managed to struggle on.

As we got into the last 1km, I think my body bounced back and we managed to run all the way to the finish line. As we approached the finish line, I kept getting goosebumps not sure if it was euphoria or just excitement..all I know is that it was pretty creepy. We got a time of 1hr 15 mins, which is pretty good considering our lack of sleep or rest.

Our friend Mr 21K finished his race an hour later with a time of 2hrs 33mins....with not a lot of training. He did such a great job and got a medal!! A super breakfast was then consumed followed by crashing out at home.

Some thanks are necessary methinks;
My schizo Ipod (Ministry of Sound mixes), couldn't do it without her
Mary, I think she chose the wrong career and she should either join the military or become a personal trainer to the stars. She is one strong lady
All the lovely people who supported me (hahahahaha it sounds like an Oscar speech). I will not mention names but they all know by the furious phone calls I made after I finished the race.

Sweaty, tired but still smiling after the race.

Mary will share her own experience soon

What we've been up to, The Mary and Nyash Edition!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello blogettes....yes I made that name up! Firstly I apologise for the lack of posts, both Mary and I have been terribly busy with work and haven't been able to post as much as we would like to.

The pictures below explain what we have been upto,

Loads of Pasta, milkshakes, tiramisu and lattes....The greatest way to carb load for a run.....Although I think we ate far more calories than was necessary

12 hours before the 10K run, we indulged in what we subtly called "pussy juice", read pussy energy drink mixed with vodka. This was not our proudest of moments but hey you only live once right!!rightt???

Went for a wicked Halloween party...I reiterate Wicked..think all manner of vices!!

Joining 15,000 runners in the Nairobi marathon, with no sleep but tonnes of determination

More posts coming soon...(pinky swear)

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