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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How Exciting!! On of our loyal readers just BC'd for those who are new to this..BCing basically means chopping all your hair off as you start a natural hair journey. Its very liberating and so exhilarating.

Her name is Ragamami aka Wangari. Here's her story

1. Why and when did you first relax your hair? What is your hair story BEFORE your BC?

This is not my first BC...but im hoping its my last :-) I first relaxed my hair when i got into high school because we were not allowed to braid it and it was pretty tough to comb it every morning (ouch!) so i took the option to relax it but that was a bad idea simply I couldn't very well manage the maintenance it required while in boarding school so it was in terrible condition. I have cut my hair over the years every time a relax style doesnt work out ( My scalp gets over sensitive and itchy, the hair falls out in patches and its
very very dry) I had to go to the salon every week to keep it in shiny soft condition (that's the first pic) and i hated spending so much of my precious weekend time there. Strange thing is every time after i cut it i felt so free and happy until i grew it a bit longer then i would go back to the relaxed hair because i thought i couldn't maintain it in a natural state. This time i am armed with a lot of info (thanks girls! and Google) and i am ready to take it on. I think i have finally learnt my lesson. Relaxed hair is not for me and my poor sad scalp! Also I think i will get more satisfaction out of gaining length with natural hair.

Ragamami relaxed

2. What made you decide to finally do the Big Chop? What were your feelings and thoughts when you did it?
The biggest reason is my daughter. She has beautiful shoulder length natural hair but she kept looking at people on TV and in magazines and telling me that she wants her hair to be like theirs (usually weaves and Caucasian hair). I figured that if i am to teach her to love herself how she was made i would have to be an example and do the same! The last straw is when we went to the salon with her and she had to be braided and blowdied..i was feeling the pain! Next day her hairline looked like it had been over pulled. I was not happy with that at all.

I had thought of transitioning coz thats the less painful route but when i undid my last braids, it just had to go. I like the idea of starting on a clean state. It wasn't so hard for me, emotionally because I had done it before, chopping it off. I must confess i am a short hair junkie and sometimes barbers have to stop me from going completely bald :-) The difficult thing for me is believing that i can grow and maintain natural hair. But i am willing to try and see. So this is an experiment of sorts as well. I feel very free and happy with the cut all things considered.
3. What reactions have you received since doing the BC from your friends and family?
My sister and my friend were at home when i came back from the salon and they seemed pretty ok with it. Other people just ask me why or (lol) 'whats wrong?' and i wonder why people take it so personally as if you have lost a part of yourself! Anyway nothing to extreme so far. I think that my sister might go natural too, she has started thinking about it but she would most likely transition which is the route she prefers (she has done it before too!)

4. What products do you currently use?
Gosh! i have to learn these things from scratch now...I was using Venus products mostly but I went shopping and bought a lot of stuff to take care of natural hair, e.g. olive oil, castor oil, henna, etc etc over the weekend. Cant wait to try it. I tried the olive oil and castor oil prepoo on my daughter as well as a glycerin and water spray while detangling and plaiting her hair and her hair is soft and on its way to being manageable and all this without any heat straightening. I am sure after a few months i will be able to answer this question with confidence :-)
5. What are your natural hair goals?
I want clean, bouncy hair and a healthy scalp that doesnt itch! A HUGE Afro would be really cool but first...baby steps.
6. What is the best thing for you about being natural?

I dont have to fear water so much! and also it feels like me and not like am forcing myself to be something Im not. I know its not for everyone and there are people out there who manage all types of hairstyles pretty well but i just cannot commit the time and money it would take for me to keep a relaxed style. I like being able to do my own hair. and i think it has more varieties for styles!

Ragamami after her Big Chop,Looking sooo pretty

A huge congratulations to Ragamami.

If you would like your story featured on here please email makedas.indulgence@gmail.com

Jackie said...

cutting hair is a very courageous step, i acutally did that in last year of college but I was so scared coz everyone told me not to do it finally i decided its my hair and my life so I went all out.
Now I have long hair but I don't ever regret standing up for myself and doing what i wanted.
Congrats wangari.

Nyashy Washy said...

@Jackie, I also cut off my locs in my last year of uni and was left with a little twa....I actually was really scared but it turned out so well.

Again Congrats Wangari

kinky_lockz said...

is this a trend, i too cut my hair right after graduation lol. it was very liberating on so many levels and looking back it's like hair grows like a weed in its natural state.

Ragamami looks fabulous and i'm loving her specs :) (four-eyed family stand up hehe)

Nyashy Washy said...

Kinky_lockz...Hmmm this might just be a trend lol....Yeah and your hair grows so much faster yay!!!

Standing right up...four eyed fam!!!

ragamami said...

Thanks a lot, guys..(lol at the four eyed fam and standing right up!) Loving the short hair right now but i tell you isnt it scary getting it done the first time? Then it feels so good when you finally do it! No idea why...Wouldn't it be cool if it was a trend catching on for ladies in Kenya to go natural? I have to say i have started to notice a lot of those recently

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