Cleopatra; queen, wig and protective style

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good day to you, I love mid-week holidays

I slept past 5.00am for the first time in ages.. I feel amazing.

So I'm currently obsessed with all things ancient Egyptian; I subconsciously bought a Cleopatra inspired wig not too long ago... I've been reading up on the most famous Queen of the Nile and I gotta say, there was one broad with sass and swag. From milk baths and body cleanses to consultations with prostitutes, Cleopatra knew how to drive men wild (case in point one Julius Caesar and his good buddy Mark Antony).

My favorite Cleopatra movie has to be the 1963 Cleopatra sensation with lead actress as the divine Elizabeth Taylor. How perfect is that, one of my favorite actresses of all time playing such a powerful feminine figure, this is one of my best all time go-to, stuck-at-home-sick movies.

Ok, for those of you who might be slightly peeved at the fact that a caucasian female played the role of a great African queen (I got over it), worry not; I threw in this image for you..

I believe this is a more historically correct depiction of the Queen :)

With inspiration for Cleopatra, let me introduce my wig.. I love this thing, it's been there for me in board meetings, awkward dates, low days and most importantly helped take care of my precious curls.. My wig Cleopatra (never Cleo, just Cleopatra)

BAM! I tried to do my eyes all dark teehee!

I love this wig! I can hide just about anything under there! Its human hair so its oh so soft and doesn't irritate my skin. I wash it on Sundays and deep condition it once every two weeks (that's right folks, I love it like it's my own).

Wanna know whats hiding under there?

Cornrows!!! The thing I love about wigs is that I can actively take care of my hair after work and on weekends while hiding it away from the elements... the results speak for themselves. Guess who finally hit shoulder length people... I DID!! (pics coming soon :D)

Here are some more pics of me and Cleopatra...

It's long at the front and shorter at the back...

I call this the Cleopatra beam... BEAM!!!

Geeked up and ready for work.

Peace Y'all

Chilli Mango said...

I love I love I love!!!!
And the geekification works, you look so sophisticated. In other news, my fro is awesome....completed questionnaire coming at you soonest.

Hmmmm....where can I get a wig?

Nyashy Washy said...

Swoooooooooooonnn, Cleopatra is gorgeous..Mary you look fab!!
As for where to get a wig..there are a few places in Westlands..Uchumi Sarit has a wig shop plus I think there is a place on Mpaka road that specialises in wigs...Also the main beauty shops Our Price, Super cosmetics also sell wigs...

Mary Mogoi said...

why thank you ladies, (I blush)!
I cant wait for Miss Chilli's debut, I can only imagine how your fro is looking. Yeah wigs can be found just about anywhere! I even saw lace-fronts over at super cosmetics, but lace-fronts are kinda scary, glue and things.. too much.

Nyashy Washy we also await your fab weave! we are taking protective styling to the max... and giving ourselves a much deserved break.

Anonymous said...

I want details! What is the brand? The price? Where exactly to get one etc etc

Chilli Mango said...

Yeah, how much, on average does a wig like yours cost?

Mary Mogoi said...

I bought my wig from the states and it's human hair but you can easily find them here.

I saw an add for Janettes Wigs, (talk about free advertising) she sells human hair, synthetic and lace-front wigs, contact her on her no. is 0738688839) if you are interested in a human hair wig, that will set you back maybe 4,000 - 6,000 it depends on length.

Again, visit any super cosmetics, they have a wide variety of wigs. YOu dont have to buy a human hair wig! synthetic wigs retain theit original style and are less of a hassle when it comes to washing and curling.. Human hair wigs are great for texture and styling :)

Anonymous said...

just bought my first wig,still can't believe it!! Now, i just need the guts to rock it!

Mary Mogoi said...

Mizz Anon! Congratulations! go on and rock that bad boy! i know its kinda crazy at first but you'll get used to it! its just like having braids or a weave, no big deal really.

PLEASE NOTE! you HAVE to separate you natural hair and the wig, use a wig cap (or just cut out an old pair of stockings and use it as a cap to protect your hair).

Some naturals recommend that you should use a silk or satin headwrap because they are less harsh on your strands.. I'm scared to do so because I feel like the wig will slide off! lol! anyway congrats dear

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip Mary, I'ma do that!

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