Why are we not doing our own hair?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Thursday peeps....weekends only a day away!!!

Over the past few hours more than 12, I have been in a daze of marshmallowey happiness...Yes I know I made up word teehee. Mary and I were mentioned in the newspaper, The Standard on September 22nd, I received a phone call just before I left the house for work with Mary on the other end telling me how we had received a full shout out in the newspaper from a lovely lady known as Patricia Kihoro, who shall be gracing the blog with her presence sometime soon. Mary and I are extremely grateful to Patricia for bigging us up lol

As I was chatting to my brother today, He mentioned something that I missed when reading the article that contained the shout out. Basically the article was showcasing famous Kenyan ladies (I shall not call them Celebrities), and how they take care of their hair. I must hand it to the Standard because they created a balance of 4 natural ladies and 4 relaxed. However apart from 3, the other 5 all had their hair done at salons.The ladies were Wahu, Amani, Linet (who is she????),Patricia Kihoro (big up), Tero, Avril (errmmmm who is she?), Adelle (yay, I know her) and Sarah Hassan (anyone obsessed with Tahidi high as I am lol). The relaxed ladies were Amani, Linet, Tero and Avril. I liked that Sarah Hassan who is stunning by the way!! advised ladies to go natural.Patricia and Adelle in my opinion were very honest in their answers and you could tell that they understood hair and were happy doing their own hair. Most of the ladies just mentioned products that they used e.g. Creme of Nature relaxer, African Pride, Motions.

You guys know that I am the full DIYer when it comes to all things hair and body. Unless I am having my hair roller set and trust me gimme a big a%* hair dryer and I shall do it myself, I do not like anyone doing my hair and I truly enjoy and love spending over 3 hours each Sunday doing my hair. I think this applies to Mary as well and to many ladies who have just begun their natural hair journey. I cant knock people who go to salons and have their own hairdressers because the beauty industry employs very many people. Think of all the salons in town and in every major estate.

The question I want to raise is are you willing to have a hairdresser put their hands on you and you are not very sure of their intentions and if they are truly qualified?

Mary Mogoi said...

Ever since i went natural I LOVE doing my own hair.. In fact I only allow Nyash or my sister to touch it. The only time I would go to a hairdresser is to get my kinky braids done or have it roller-set (which isn't that often).

Why you ask? I just don't trust heat-happy, rough and heavy handed hairdressers anymore! in addition there aren't that many hairdressers in town who know how to handle natural hair...

Sundays are my hair days! Its a chore but I know at the end of the day my hair will come out the way i want it with minimal breakage.. plus its the only time i can binge on my hand-in-fro needs... yay!

Anonymous said...

am transitioning currently and am yet to get a hairdresser who is natural-hair-friendly. So for now,DIY is my thing and am lovin it...btw,any idea where i can buy raw shea butter? haven't seen it in the beauty stores....help a sista out
Great blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

Keep Up the Good work, Proud of You

Nyashy Washy said...

I second Mary, sometimes when I am in the bathroom detangling this wickedly thick hair on the verge of grabbing scissors and chopping it all off, I realise that HEY! better I to be detangling my hair slowly and carefully rather than some dodgy hairdresser who cant differentiate between a solange like curly weave and natural hair.....digressed much but you get what I mean.
@Anonymous 1...feel so rude calling you that....better than Jane Doe though...lol rhyming...forgive me its Friday!!! Well CONGRATS on taking the step to transitioning, finding natural hair friendly hairdressers in Nairobi is almost impossible...Raw shea butter in Nairobi is like spotting a unicorn....but Healthy U sells sudanese shea butter which is pretty good...look out though Mary and I may be coming out with products mostly shea butter based.


@Anonymous 2 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...really appreciate the thought.

kinky_lockz said...

Big up to you Ladies!!

Mary Mogoi said...

Thanks for all the support guys! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just found your blog and I think what you are doing is great! I've had natural hair all my life and yeah the ignorance (about hair) in Kenya is just mind boggling! I became accustomed to hearing "una nywele nyingi" when I went to the salon and then being asked why I am not relaxing in the same breath....SMH.

As for the question you ask in this post. I think the reason most people do not do their own hair is because there are many hair dressers and most times you can find one within your budget. Even so when I lived in Kenya, I would do my own hair at times meaning wash, condition and then have it blowdried and cornrowed at the salon. Now I do my own hair all the time because hairdressers are pricey and they are few and far between where I am. It's OK to be a DIYer but having someone else pamper you does feel good. I think the best thing is to find a hairdresser who understands kinky/curly hair or find one who listens to you and is willing to learn. Object to anything they want to do that you are not ok with.

Before I found natural hair blogs I used what I learned from my hair dresser in Kenya. The blogs just enhanced it coz there's still some stuff she was doing wrong. I can only wonder what would have happened if I had been completely clueless...

Finally, how much is the shea butter at Healthy U, and where is this place located? Need to put someone on to it...

Have a great day!


Nyashy Washy said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks!! Glad to know that you have been natural all your life, there are very few of us lol...It is very true that finding hair dressers in Nairobi is very easy and also can be very cheap..there are hairdressers for every budget.I find that you really have to find a hairdresser that knows what you want and is happy to do as you ask..because they know the fundamentals of haircare but do not really cater to natural hair which can be a pain.
Healthy U is found in the major shopping centres i.e Junction, Sarit, Westgate and yaya and I think there is one in Nakumatt Lifestyle
Thanks for the comment and happy hair growing

sweetblablag said...

Hi - Visiting Nairobi from the US and am having a hard time find a natural hair salon here and raw unrefined shea butter. Tried the Sudanese butter, it's OK, but I prefer the hard cakey butter. Any ideas where I can pick some up? Also, know where I can pick up Castor Oil and an organic leave in conditioner?

But from all the comments posted here, it looks like I'll do my own hair until I get back stateside.

Mary Mogoi said...

Sweetblablag! Welcome to Nairobi :)
Ok there are a few Hair Salons that do natural hair, Nyash did a post sometime back I'll try and find the name for you. But if you are familiar with the CBD area (town) the hair salon that I speak of is situated at 20th century building 3rd floor.

Shea butter is kinda hard to find here in Kenya. Nyash and I have our batches brought in from Ghana. I'm sure we can arrange to have some provided to you.

Are you a coconut oil fan? You can find pure coconut oil in any major super market (food section). It's cheap and pretty much amazing.

I'll get a thorough list of hair salons that do natural hair and post it up soonest.

Mary Mogoi said...

Oh yeah, Miss Sweetblablag, you can also find castor oil and Organics products at any major super store.

You're surest bet however would be in Super Cosmetics (found in town- CBD and Westlands) or Beauty Options

Anonymous said...

Hi, Please send us a link to the story.

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