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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I really want to go natural with my hair.I dont have lots of hair but I think it would be amazing to do this as I have wanted to for so long.Kindly let me Know howI can turn this dream into reality and the cost of doing so initially.My hair is also thinning in front after the baby.

I love the way you write.Got to know you through Patricia Kihoro Big up.I really want to go natural soooooo bad but I have no clue how to mantain my hair or the products to use...Let me know how to go about it.

These are two comments we have received in the past few days. Most people are cautious about going natural because as you know our hair i.e. African curls can be very dynamic and hard to tame. Going natural can be scary at first but as you see the little curls and coils sprouting from your scalp it all gets soo exciting.

What you need to know about going natural;
  • Maintaining natural hair can be difficult but with the right tools and products you can make it a breeze
  • Natural hair is dry hence we need to incorporate a lot of moisture to the hair and the greatest moisturiser is ......wait for it....................................Water!!!
  • Do not have preconceptions of your hair, everyones curls are unique and do not go looking at other ladies hair and think that yours will look that way.
  • Create a regimen that includes, cleansing, deep conditioning and styling
  • Never ever ever ever!!!! see how I reiterated that...NEVER comb your hair dry, thats asking for a bald head
  • Try to minimise the amount of heat you use on your head.
  • Stretch your ends as much as possible, and keep your hair in protective styles such as twists, braid outs and twist outs
Below are some links you could use to understand how to go natural

Mary Mogoi said...

Likes this!

ragamami said...

Hey ladies, i love your blog and you have helped in convincing me to go back to natural! so I did the BC this weekend and i must say im thoroughly enjoying it. I have done it before because my hair does not do well with chemicals at all!!!!

would love to post a photo but not sure how to do that via the comments section

Mary Mogoi said...


Congratulations on your big chop. I am so excited for you :) we would LOVE as many pictures as you can give - before, after... the works! you can email your pictures to us on!

We will hit you back with a few questions that you can answer and voila!

Nyashy Washy said...

Congrats...Welcome to the coolest club in town lol, doing a BC is so liberating and keep enjoying it girl!!!
Just send us the pics and we shall do a post on your could answer some questions as well...

ragamami said...

thanks girls :-) It is very liberating and can prove to be quite addictive....sent the pics (just a few) to the email above. Let me know if you need anything else

Naomi Nathan said...

This is great advice. I have been on the natural for about two and a half years now and it great! I had to experiment quite a bit before I found the perfect solution for shiny, soft, and stylish natural hair. Its less expensive than perming and quite healthy too. Thanx for spreading the word on being natural.

Mary said...

@Ragamami! thanks for the photos! Your post is coming up!

@Naomi! c'mon and join the band wagon, as someone who has only been fully natural for just over a year, I'd love to see pictures of your mane for inspiration. I'm sure im not alone with these sentiments!

If you would be so inclined to send us your photos along with your natural hair story please do!

adl said...

hi girls, i just discovered this blog. I LUV IT. im so happy to finally find a blog for natural hair created specially for women living in kenya. i have been natural for so many years but i always wears a weave bcoz it is so difficult to manage my hair but i still have hope to find a way to manage and style it, that is why i dont have the strenght to relax it. i just need to find the right style, have a bit of confidence and encouragement and i'll be ready to wear my hair like i should. keep the good work.

Anonymous said...

Just went natural this weekend. So excited since it is a new look and just made a huge life change and choice too. Loving the look. Just wanna get the hair lookin' Good every school and party weekend. Please check out my blog Slowly.Growin' and help me get some good traffic going:)

Naturally, Beautiful Humans you are:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary & Nyachomba,
Do you guys regularly check the g-mail account or is it easier to raise questions on the blog? I e-mailed a little while back with some hair questions and haven't heard back so wasn't sure if that Kurlykichana g-mail account is still active. Thanks

Kurly said...

Hey anon, Sorry for the poor response rate. Our bad, the end of the year has us swamped with work deadlines and travelling to Northern Kenya and what not. We promise to reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

You can find us on or our newest email addition

Again, our apologies.

Anonymous said...

hello guys, it has been a while but im back and this time for good. so, yesterday i decided to shave my hair. and when i say shave, im talking about removing, and cleaning all my hair.lool.and i like it. i want my hair to regrow naturally, and healthier. i decided to use natural shea butter on my hair,it is from sudan and called "lulu life" (u can find it at natkumatt), since i had some issue with my hairline and especially my scalp, i feel it is the best oil that i should use to heal it. anyway, guys i keep u updated. and wish me luck on this natural hair journey.kisss

Anonymous said...

Hi. I love your blog. I live in Coast and i decided to be natural 2 months ago. Are the products you've recommended also suitable for coast hot weather. Also please can you advise what products I should use for my 19 months (1 year 7 months) old baby girl. Can i use the same products for my baby?

Nyachomba said...

@MissAnon! The same products would work just as well in the coast! So go right ahead and use them. For your baby girl, you can use the same products if you wish...they work just as well on her hair :-) All the best

Anonymous said...

Hi, this blog is just fantastic. I got to know it through an article in THE EAST AFRICAN. I have just done the BC, and so I'm thinking, what to do?. I have read the above links, but they seem to be intended for those with already long natural hair.( Well, I am reading thru kinda fast- I'm at an internet cafe-and I might have missed something). Could you guys give me a summary on what to do? Thanx!

Anonymous said...

found it!This is my ´natural hair maual for idiots´Section.Understood every bit of it.Thanks!!!!Mayabe you can do one on´ hairstyling different head shapes for dummies´?lol!I cant imagine a natural style that would look good on me.

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