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Monday, September 13, 2010

This is real talk right here..

Janelle Monae is the quintessential jazz, electro, hip-hop - man, you CAN'T put a label on her artistry.. she simply is Janelle! I am loving this woman right here, everything she represents, her music, her look and of course her hair.

I read up on an interview she had on the Chicago Tribune site and I loved her more thereafter... " I chose an android because the android to me represents “the other” in our society. I can connect to the other, because it has so many parallels to my own life..."


her song, "Cold War" struck me for its profound meaning. and she sings it with such passion.. I have to watch her live show someday. (Insert warm wishes and hopes here!)

Her signature tux, puff and of course the classic brogues shoes present her as an Artist who sells her music without the need to over-exude sexuality. But don't be mistaken, this is one beautiful sister with a sense of style that I adore. I think she sets a bar and is a positive example to people everywhere.

I could go on...

thats Janelle and Miss Badu... Two naturals who absolutely rock

I am buying these shoes.... I love me some brogues
hers are super cool... sigh. can you say "girl crush"!


Faith said...

Janelle,Janelle,Janelle....come live with me & be my love...sigh

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