Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hey everyone! It's been a minute... How you been?

I recently returned from a wedding; a period in my life that I can compare to incarceration with hard labor, where my bridezilla sister was the tough-as-nails jail warden... it was beautiful though, in the end... (shout out to my AMAZING sister*)

So I'm back and bloggin! BAM!

I had me a full on AFRO-JEALOUS experience. I usually look at other women's hair with admiration and inspiration, but that day, it was straight up jealousy. I was doing a blow-out for the aforementioned sisters hair, when it hit me; MY hair is nowhere asPRETTY or AS LONG ... or so I thought.

Call it the green-eyed monster.. (her hair is so soft and curly *sigh*) or call it silly insecurity... at that moment I felt, like most little sisters do in the presence of their older established sisters, inadequate, with my one year old, not-a-TWA-but-not-yet-a-full-on-fro hair... the awkward phase. Now, she has been growing her hair for 4 years! I've only had my hair out for about one year and one month... so why was I beating myself up about it? Yeah yeah, I know I was being irrational but I had had it! After I was done with her blow-out, I won't lie, at that moment, maaaan I wish I had her hair.

Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE my hair, a bit too much actually. I just wanted it to be long and to grow fast and to look like the pretty ladies on Thursday Inspiration... and to look like my sisters.

As did my Sissie's hair, I whined and groaned about how much her hair was "better" than mine, she stopped me and looked at me like I was talkin crazy;

"What?!" she said, with a puzzled look on her face, "You're hair is so thick and dark! I actually wish my hair had as much body as yours." her hair is a combination of 3c and 4c curls, I'm a 4b sistah myself. (Below is a before and after, four month old twa (right) and 8 month old twa (left))

I blushed, (kinda hoping she would comment on my hairs dazzling shine I swung my head around for dramatic effect) instead she went on to add these uplifting words, she said...

"Mogz, your hair is lovely. Its got a quality thats definitive and unique to you. Love it, take care of it, or shut up... Ouch that hurts! Be gentle!" Smiling, I looked at our combined reflection and noted that my hair is beautiful and so is hers... we're just two different kinds of beautiful. I like it that way.

I love that girl... sucks to have her so far away :'(

Nyashy Washy said...

*****'s hair is soooo long and full now...Its beautiful and you have brought out a very strong point!!the differences in our hair in texture, volume only make us more diverse but with each of us having a unique quality that makes us beautiful and Mary your hair is AMAZING...think we need to do a blowout for you to realise how long it is...

Mary Mogoi said...

Awww shucks! thanx girl.

Iv never actually done a blowout! you're right! My hair is SO curly its hard to notice just how far its come. ok, i think im ready. lets do this thing

Chilli Mango said...

Mary, How fierce were you looking in that pic with the red lippy and fierce hair....jeez....wery wery segsy!!!


Mary Mogoi said...

Chilli Mango dhanks dhanks, red lipstick is the stuff of life!!!

By the way we are all looking forward to your natural hair journey. Your hair is mad thick and the growth you must have right now... WE MUST SHOW IT OFF! letz do this!

Chilli Mango said...

Yez Yez Yez!!!!

Planning on getting kinky braids this weekend....

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