So you wanna be natural?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I really want to go natural with my hair.I dont have lots of hair but I think it would be amazing to do this as I have wanted to for so long.Kindly let me Know howI can turn this dream into reality and the cost of doing so initially.My hair is also thinning in front after the baby.

I love the way you write.Got to know you through Patricia Kihoro Big up.I really want to go natural soooooo bad but I have no clue how to mantain my hair or the products to use...Let me know how to go about it.

These are two comments we have received in the past few days. Most people are cautious about going natural because as you know our hair i.e. African curls can be very dynamic and hard to tame. Going natural can be scary at first but as you see the little curls and coils sprouting from your scalp it all gets soo exciting.

What you need to know about going natural;
  • Maintaining natural hair can be difficult but with the right tools and products you can make it a breeze
  • Natural hair is dry hence we need to incorporate a lot of moisture to the hair and the greatest moisturiser is ......wait for it....................................Water!!!
  • Do not have preconceptions of your hair, everyones curls are unique and do not go looking at other ladies hair and think that yours will look that way.
  • Create a regimen that includes, cleansing, deep conditioning and styling
  • Never ever ever ever!!!! see how I reiterated that...NEVER comb your hair dry, thats asking for a bald head
  • Try to minimise the amount of heat you use on your head.
  • Stretch your ends as much as possible, and keep your hair in protective styles such as twists, braid outs and twist outs
Below are some links you could use to understand how to go natural

Why are we not doing our own hair?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Thursday peeps....weekends only a day away!!!

Over the past few hours more than 12, I have been in a daze of marshmallowey happiness...Yes I know I made up word teehee. Mary and I were mentioned in the newspaper, The Standard on September 22nd, I received a phone call just before I left the house for work with Mary on the other end telling me how we had received a full shout out in the newspaper from a lovely lady known as Patricia Kihoro, who shall be gracing the blog with her presence sometime soon. Mary and I are extremely grateful to Patricia for bigging us up lol

As I was chatting to my brother today, He mentioned something that I missed when reading the article that contained the shout out. Basically the article was showcasing famous Kenyan ladies (I shall not call them Celebrities), and how they take care of their hair. I must hand it to the Standard because they created a balance of 4 natural ladies and 4 relaxed. However apart from 3, the other 5 all had their hair done at salons.The ladies were Wahu, Amani, Linet (who is she????),Patricia Kihoro (big up), Tero, Avril (errmmmm who is she?), Adelle (yay, I know her) and Sarah Hassan (anyone obsessed with Tahidi high as I am lol). The relaxed ladies were Amani, Linet, Tero and Avril. I liked that Sarah Hassan who is stunning by the way!! advised ladies to go natural.Patricia and Adelle in my opinion were very honest in their answers and you could tell that they understood hair and were happy doing their own hair. Most of the ladies just mentioned products that they used e.g. Creme of Nature relaxer, African Pride, Motions.

You guys know that I am the full DIYer when it comes to all things hair and body. Unless I am having my hair roller set and trust me gimme a big a%* hair dryer and I shall do it myself, I do not like anyone doing my hair and I truly enjoy and love spending over 3 hours each Sunday doing my hair. I think this applies to Mary as well and to many ladies who have just begun their natural hair journey. I cant knock people who go to salons and have their own hairdressers because the beauty industry employs very many people. Think of all the salons in town and in every major estate.

The question I want to raise is are you willing to have a hairdresser put their hands on you and you are not very sure of their intentions and if they are truly qualified?

So very Thankful teehee

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Totally having writers block...So ladies please smile at this funny picture.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hey everyone! It's been a minute... How you been?

I recently returned from a wedding; a period in my life that I can compare to incarceration with hard labor, where my bridezilla sister was the tough-as-nails jail warden... it was beautiful though, in the end... (shout out to my AMAZING sister*)

So I'm back and bloggin! BAM!

I had me a full on AFRO-JEALOUS experience. I usually look at other women's hair with admiration and inspiration, but that day, it was straight up jealousy. I was doing a blow-out for the aforementioned sisters hair, when it hit me; MY hair is nowhere asPRETTY or AS LONG ... or so I thought.

Call it the green-eyed monster.. (her hair is so soft and curly *sigh*) or call it silly insecurity... at that moment I felt, like most little sisters do in the presence of their older established sisters, inadequate, with my one year old, not-a-TWA-but-not-yet-a-full-on-fro hair... the awkward phase. Now, she has been growing her hair for 4 years! I've only had my hair out for about one year and one month... so why was I beating myself up about it? Yeah yeah, I know I was being irrational but I had had it! After I was done with her blow-out, I won't lie, at that moment, maaaan I wish I had her hair.

Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE my hair, a bit too much actually. I just wanted it to be long and to grow fast and to look like the pretty ladies on Thursday Inspiration... and to look like my sisters.

As did my Sissie's hair, I whined and groaned about how much her hair was "better" than mine, she stopped me and looked at me like I was talkin crazy;

"What?!" she said, with a puzzled look on her face, "You're hair is so thick and dark! I actually wish my hair had as much body as yours." her hair is a combination of 3c and 4c curls, I'm a 4b sistah myself. (Below is a before and after, four month old twa (right) and 8 month old twa (left))

I blushed, (kinda hoping she would comment on my hairs dazzling shine I swung my head around for dramatic effect) instead she went on to add these uplifting words, she said...

"Mogz, your hair is lovely. Its got a quality thats definitive and unique to you. Love it, take care of it, or shut up... Ouch that hurts! Be gentle!" Smiling, I looked at our combined reflection and noted that my hair is beautiful and so is hers... we're just two different kinds of beautiful. I like it that way.

I love that girl... sucks to have her so far away :'(

NOW HEAR THIS! Naturals who ROCK... HARD!

Monday, September 13, 2010

This is real talk right here..

Janelle Monae is the quintessential jazz, electro, hip-hop - man, you CAN'T put a label on her artistry.. she simply is Janelle! I am loving this woman right here, everything she represents, her music, her look and of course her hair.

I read up on an interview she had on the Chicago Tribune site and I loved her more thereafter... " I chose an android because the android to me represents “the other” in our society. I can connect to the other, because it has so many parallels to my own life..."


her song, "Cold War" struck me for its profound meaning. and she sings it with such passion.. I have to watch her live show someday. (Insert warm wishes and hopes here!)

Her signature tux, puff and of course the classic brogues shoes present her as an Artist who sells her music without the need to over-exude sexuality. But don't be mistaken, this is one beautiful sister with a sense of style that I adore. I think she sets a bar and is a positive example to people everywhere.

I could go on...

thats Janelle and Miss Badu... Two naturals who absolutely rock

I am buying these shoes.... I love me some brogues
hers are super cool... sigh. can you say "girl crush"!


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