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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We have decided to incorporate more lifestyle posts on the blog and this will kinda be the first one. A typical night out in Nairobi includes tusker, tequila shots and semi staggering home at 3 am. Mary and I decided to do something different, so one Friday evening after a long hard week filled with unreasonable bosses and male chauvinism we decided to go have dinner somewhere posh and enjoy a few too many cocktails. We looked through This led us to settling on Brews Bistro and Lounge on Ngong Road.

Brews Bistro is a relatively new establishment and has not been open for more than a year. The decor is totally breathtaking, a mix of modern chrome fitting which still has an African touch.The bar stools held up with steel giraffe sculpture are gorgeous. The lighting is perfect (I hate dark places) and the bar is impressive with the chrome/steel beer fermenting barrels encased in glass behind the bar.

As the name depicts Brews brew their own beer, I am a woman who appreciates her beer and the first time I visited the bar I tried the beer sampler which has about 6 small glasses of beer all with local names and very high alcohol levels . The brews make every Kenyan beer drinker feel extremely comfortable. The cocktails are also very yummy, lack of a better word. Friendly bar tenders and warm smiles make the cocktails go down even better. We both had pineapple daiquiris which were bloody amazing.

The Menu is pretty small but the meals are amazing; Mary had a chicken and rice dish, while I had the baked Aubergine with couscous. To say that the food was orgasmic would be an understatement. The Chef is very talented and the flavours come out very well, our food took a bit long to make it to the table but the waiter promptly informed us that Mary's chicken is done from scratch and takes a bit of a while. We had some warm bread and crostini to keep us occupied though lol.

Despite numerous alcohol induced giggles,we managed to snag an interview with Jurie Van Riel who is the Food and Beverage Manager at Brews. He says that they started the Bistro and Lounge as an opportunity to bring fine dining to Nairobi, while giving locals a taste of their brews. Jurie and his staff made us feel very comfortable and we were well taken care of from the time we arrived to us leaving.

If you are looking for a place to have a drink, cocktail and enjoy fine food, Brews is the place to be.

lordvinie said...

Loving it girls, I gots to check out that joint.

Nyashy Washy said...

Its so close to should visit...and try the beer sampler...maybe u can get ure guiness kick

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