Two silly girls at Brews Bistro

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Caption the images please and comment hahaha. Lovely night though

Brews Bistro and Lounge

We have decided to incorporate more lifestyle posts on the blog and this will kinda be the first one. A typical night out in Nairobi includes tusker, tequila shots and semi staggering home at 3 am. Mary and I decided to do something different, so one Friday evening after a long hard week filled with unreasonable bosses and male chauvinism we decided to go have dinner somewhere posh and enjoy a few too many cocktails. We looked through This led us to settling on Brews Bistro and Lounge on Ngong Road.

Brews Bistro is a relatively new establishment and has not been open for more than a year. The decor is totally breathtaking, a mix of modern chrome fitting which still has an African touch.The bar stools held up with steel giraffe sculpture are gorgeous. The lighting is perfect (I hate dark places) and the bar is impressive with the chrome/steel beer fermenting barrels encased in glass behind the bar.

As the name depicts Brews brew their own beer, I am a woman who appreciates her beer and the first time I visited the bar I tried the beer sampler which has about 6 small glasses of beer all with local names and very high alcohol levels . The brews make every Kenyan beer drinker feel extremely comfortable. The cocktails are also very yummy, lack of a better word. Friendly bar tenders and warm smiles make the cocktails go down even better. We both had pineapple daiquiris which were bloody amazing.

The Menu is pretty small but the meals are amazing; Mary had a chicken and rice dish, while I had the baked Aubergine with couscous. To say that the food was orgasmic would be an understatement. The Chef is very talented and the flavours come out very well, our food took a bit long to make it to the table but the waiter promptly informed us that Mary's chicken is done from scratch and takes a bit of a while. We had some warm bread and crostini to keep us occupied though lol.

Despite numerous alcohol induced giggles,we managed to snag an interview with Jurie Van Riel who is the Food and Beverage Manager at Brews. He says that they started the Bistro and Lounge as an opportunity to bring fine dining to Nairobi, while giving locals a taste of their brews. Jurie and his staff made us feel very comfortable and we were well taken care of from the time we arrived to us leaving.

If you are looking for a place to have a drink, cocktail and enjoy fine food, Brews is the place to be.

Weave or No Weave Part Two

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A hair weave is a very general term used to describe human or artificial hair used to alter one's natural hair appearance by adding additional hair to their natural hair or by covering the natural hair all together with human or synthetic hair pieces. Source Wikipedia hahaha (Everyone who knows me knows how much I hate Wikipedia)

For me this definition really struck a chord with me, "human or artificial hair used to alter one's natural hair appearance". This to me means that women use weaves to alter or change their own hairs appearance. Weaves are not only used by black women, loads of this white female celebrities use weaves and extensions to make their hair look or appear thicker. Case in point Cheryl Cole in the L'Oreal Elvive ads.

I shall now give my experience of weaves, As a woman who likes diversity I was interested in sewing a weave to my head in my 3rd year of University. I decided what the heck, lemme see how this video vixens feel with fake hair on their heads. Off I went to Ibrahim's to buy my fake hair then to the salon to have it sewed on. I had my hair straightened, corn rowed and the hair pieces sewed on. As soon as the Lady finished sewing it on, I had this burst of pain from my forehead, Woman! had sewed it on too tight and me being too shy to say anything just kept quiet. Ladies you know when the hairdresser gives you a mirror to check if she did a good job, How I hid my pain and disapproval I do not know. I hated the thing that had now occupied my scalp and shared this with Mary as soon as we hooked up after getting my hair done. She tried to tell me that I would get used to it but deep down I knew I never would. The weave made me feel normal, like I was just another woman with a weave on her head. I was actually pretty upset but I sucked it in and moved on. My family hadn't seen me with the weave on my head and when my older brother saw me first thing he said was "You look like this Jamaican girls you see on the high street" at the time I was in England. My mommy absolutely hated it.

The traumatising bit came when I took off the weave. I only managed to last 3 weeks with the weave on. I cut the thing off my head and went off to wash and detangle my hair, as I did this, my boyfriend at the time had a huge cry from the bathroom and wondered what was wrong. My hair was coming out in clumps and my tears pumped out.I lost a lot of hair and my hairline kinda receded. I was so upset and at that moment vowed to never get a weave again. Thats my own decision but I think women have many reasons as to why they don weaves;
  • To not have to deal with your hair, its easy to put on a weave or wig and just forget your hair. However healthy hair practices should not be ignored when in a weave; cleanse, moisturise and seal your hair. Kinky lockz a devoted reader and commenter said it well"VARIETY is nice BUT it bugs me when extensions or weaves/wigs are used ONLY as an excuse to be lazy... they should be utilized to avoid over-styling and maintain length. yes, we have chill days (we aren't paid to look good yall and nobody's a video girl 24/7). on the other hand, one should still moisturise and cleanse their hair and scalp especially. as far as weave or no weave: rock the look that matches your swagger and fits your lifestyle and keep it polished"
  • Weaves change up your look especially straight hair weaves especially as a natural haired lady who doesn't wanna straighten her hair
  • Weaves can be used as a protective style and keep your hair protected as it grows.
  • Weaves can give you a temporary Nicki Minaj Image...hey dont knock it
For women, weaves provide what men may never understand but I think we can all agree that different strokes for different folks, but Ladies if your gonna rock a weave....go ahead and rock the baddest weave you can find. Invest in some human or at least human looking hair in black or brown....I will not even go into rocking a blonde weave.

Happy hair growing.

The Weave or No Weave Debate from a Male perspective

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Black women have always embraced weaves and hair extensions of all kinds, from sew-ins to long braids. In Kenya, braids can be spotted on every 5th woman on the street. Why do women put on fake hair? Is it for ease? To look good? To not have to bother to do your hair every morning? To make yourself feel more beautiful or desirable? I do not think anyone can ever answer this question.

I took to asking a few of my male friends and relatives their thoughts on the WEAVE. By weave I mean sew ins where fake hair is sewed on onto your own hair to give the illusion of having long luscious locks. I do appreciate men in all manner of ways and having brothers has made me very conscious of what men think of women and also me. The question I put forward to my male peers was

"Please leave me your thoughts on weaves on women (in this case beautiful black women)

The responses were varied and quite interesting:

My dear cousin said "Never ever will I take a dendai (woman/girl) wit weaves"

"I like the natural look"

"Weaves are a crime against humanity, Yuck!! Double Yuck!!"

My dear little brother said "It's like a man putting a cucumber in his boxers, and that weaves are buying into what other people think is beautiful"

"I do not like them one bit, real hair is better even if there is none of it"

" I would go for natural beauty any day but if it is what the girl wants, I'll let her do it but I am not for it.

My very poetic friend said "I think weaves give ladies more options on how they can look. Its a good thing to be able to stretch possibilities and creative ones at that. The problem checks in when 1) the bleeding weave is done badly 2) The bleeding weave does not suit the woven head and 3) When women become overdependent on them to the point that they cannot live without an akamba basket underneath a growth of hair that never grows. Its also sad when a lady stitched purchased strands on her head and expects me not to know it: to the point that my girlfriend will not let me stroke her head, I mean Gaddamit!!! Wear your costume with pride; I know its not your real hair daughter of Africa with a Chinese looking crown of glory (u feel me?) My take is this, I prefer not to have a wife who rocks manufactured headgear meant to resemble hair, But if this wife is one that I love and adore and she is of the disposition that synthetic products are a necessity but her attitude and character is tip-top, May she wear the strands of fiber with pride as long as she is confident enough to let me stroke her sweet head anytime i feel the urge to without pretending that I do not know her true crowning glory resembles mine untouched. And I hope for heavens sake she chooses one that suits her bone structure and that a trained specialist executed the work of attaching the factory made strands of deception onto my Eve's head. Amen!"

My dear brother Arnold had this to say
"i'd be happy for you to post my name. lets see weaves on women, question, What happend to ur au naturale? anyway what you have on your head looks good on ya. it depends really, some weaves are incompatible with the wearer. like blonde and red on a dark skinned mama. i understand having a weave on makes the hair a bit more manageable, i have no beef with that. its all a matter of personal taste really..."

My booboo said "It's possible for a girl to look good with a good weave. Very rarely do Kenyan women rock a good weave. My guess is that firstly, those Abuja, Lagos, Ibo, my broda hairs that I see (wait! Are those weaves or braids) are of the, er, low budget variety. Half the women I go all googly eyed over in music videos have someone elses hair on their head. It's more than likely I wouldn't be goin,'fall back mami' if she wanted to, you know. So Kenyan girls buy crappy ass weaves and get em done by crappy ass salonists! Yup yup. Natural hair looks good on a natural African woman: case in point, Nyash.

As I said I did get quite a wide variety of views on the matter of weaves he he. I think most Kenyan men are not impressed with the low quality weaves that girls in Nairobi rock. To get a good weave however is really expensive in the range of Kshs 5000-Kshs 10,000. This may not be to everyones budget but I think if your gonna rock a weave..rock a good one.

My brother mentioned a point that really hit home for me, that by wearing weaves African women are buying into what other people think is beautiful. African women have always been made to feel that their natural kinky/coily hair is not beautiful enough and that the white womans aesthetic is superior which is false and misguided.

I have not exhausted my thoughts on weaves in this post and I think I have to do another post soon.

I ask you now...Weave or No weave?

Happy hair growing

Green Smoothie Update

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey guys,

First of all I would like to apologise for the lack of posts, Mary and I have been awfully busy and its been pretty hard to post anything but we have loads of posts ready for you.

This post is mainly to give an update on what happened after I started the Green Smoothie Challenge. A fabulous reader by the name of Chilli Mango wrote a comment asking about how long I lasted on the challenge and if I lost any weight.

Well the challenge was really good and for the 2 weeks when I was just on green smoothies for at least two meals a day, I did lose quite a lot of weight. I now drink Green smoothies every day for breakfast. Green smoothies are so yummy and knowing how good they are for your body you cant help but love them. Now I am gushing...but I love me some green smoothies.

For the weight loss, I think I almost lost a whole dress size maybe going from a 12 to a 10 or 10 and a half haha. Most of my friends have commented that I have lost weight, However I have not really weighed myself to know how much I have lost. I have a massive fear of weighing scales! I was also exercising when I was on the smoothies so that contributed to the weight loss. I have somehow managed to keep the weight off, mainly due to adopting a vegetarian diet. I am almost fully vegetarian and only eat fish. I do have friends though that derail me to eat meat..but I stick to white meat. I love veggies now and the sight of meat especially red gives me shivers.

The green smoothies are a fantastic way to get nutrients from fruits and vegetables and they are also pretty yum. Try them and see what a difference they will make to your body, skin and hair.

Below is a typical recipe for a green smoothie,
1 Banana
2 handfuls of spinach
1 handful of pineapple chunks
Juice of half a lemon
1 cup of water

Blend all the above ingredients and enjoy. You can add a wide variety of fruit and vegetable.

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