Monday, July 26, 2010

The trendy women are going natural, this was the opening line of an article in the Sunday Nation Newspaper in the Buzz section of the paper (July 18th, 2010). Upon looking at the front page I was actually looking forward to reading the article. Shock, Horror, Disbelief!!A local Kenyan "celebrity" with as my family have described it a head with a chickens comb meant to represent a mohawk. No offence to the "celebrity" in question. But in no way does a plastic, red coloured weave represent the awesomeness that is natural hair.

This post is in no way out to rant and or hate on any people out there. I am just saddened by how much ignorance there is on natural hair in my beloved country . I will go into the points that I disagreed and agreed with in the article.
  • It is true especially in the African context that natural hair especially dreadlocks can translate to one being a liberal. However this school of thought is slowly being forgotten.
  • Creamy crack not white crack. Nuff said
  • I think stating that Natural hair had an unsophisticated image is not right and I am here to prove that that is not the case at all.....Help me ladies
  • This is a shocker!!! This statement was just ridiculous, Clip ons and extensions that imitate afro hair grow more common and acceptable. Dumbfounded..ladies please try explain what exactly this journalist is trying to put across
  • Afro hair can be curled with a gel, gather sheen with a hair polish. By the time I got to this part of the article I was fuming.
To the author of the article, I shall not name any names. Please try and do your research and give useful information for any naturals- to- be out there. You have an amazing platform i.e. The Sunday Nation which could be used to make young girls/women across the country love and appreciate the hair that sprouts out of their scalp as well as an educational tool for mothers who are about to slap some scalp rotting relaxers on their babies heads. I do appreciate your attempt at making natural hair cool though.

By the way I humbly apologise for the lack of posts, I have been away on some trips and also work been kicking my booty lol. Loads more posts coming soon

Happy Hair Growing

Caroline said...

I did not read the article but i can tell from the picture they selected first of all does not reflect natural hair... i had natural hair once and it was so cool to have, but unfortunately i was unable to make an afro out of it coz it did not have the right texture to pull it off.. in case i decide to go natural again do u have any advice on how i can make my hair puffy??

ciru :)

Nyashy Washy said...

Dear Ciru,

Thank you very much for the comment. What kind of texture do you have if you don't mind me asking? I find it a bit strange for you to say that you could not make an afro of it....Please try and explain further. I also do not understand what you mean by how you can make hair puffy? I may sound dumb or something but please expound...Thanks

Anonymous said...

Well put Nyashy Washy! As a guy who loves natural hair, I don't understand why the editor of the paper would allow the story to run! Oh! Wait! I do! Probably just as uninformed as the journo who wrote it!

If they're gonna appreciate the beautiful locks that 'sprout' (awesome word!) from our heads, then they best be doing it right! Much like you do! Heck! Maybe you should show them a thing or two!

And white crack? REALLY? Racist and misleading... I laughed though. I guess WIKI really misled this particular writer - I believe thats where they get their "facts" from any way!

Keep showing us whats good with all you natural sisters out there! I can speak for myself when I say, as a man, there is nothing on this earth more beautiful and breathtaking as an African woman proud of who she is and rocking that gorgeous crown of locks on her head!

Keep it FRO!

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