Missing my curlies and NOTD

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey curlies,
Hope y'all are great. I'm struggling to fall in love with my straight hair hahaha. I miss showering from head to toe without trying to duck the water and messing with my hair during the day. Nyhooo this shall only be for 2 weeks max.

I have been taking care of my hair by applying a little coconut oil and basically putting it in a very high loose bun. Its hard to moisturise straight natural hair because as soon as you add water to natural hair...frizz city it is. I might try pin curls in the next few days and flexi rods.

This is a new nail polish by sleek that is fantastic, it applies beautifully and the colour is gorgeous. Sleek are doing really well right now. Big up to sleek. The nail polish was Kshs 199 at Our Price Nairobi which seems to be the biggest stockist of sleek in the city. Pop in and have a look.My hands look so ashy in this pics lol

Happy Hair Growing
Mbabazi said...

sleek nail polish for that much. i moving. here catching up om the older post .

Anonymous said...

helow. .am TZnian love the nail polish. .waz wondering where to get flexirodz in kenya. .am around nairobi...please help

Nyachomba said...

Hey Anon! You can get flexirods from any beauty supply store..I have seen them at Super Cosmetics...though they are pricey

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