Hairexia, Length and Kenyan Salons

Friday, June 11, 2010

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Hey guys,

Its been ages since I blogged about hair. I'm sorry guys, I think I just have to plan out my posts better. Well todays post is on straightening hair. I am taking the bold leap of having my hair professionally straightened this weekend. To say that I am terrified is an understatement. Since I started doing length checks I always straighten my hair for myself.Since I am in Kenya and its relatively cheap to have your hair done, I shall go to a salon. The guy I visit, really listens to what I tell him. I shall give a review on the salon soon so any natural head in Nairobi can go there if you please. Most Kenyan salons always offer a blow-dry and flat iron for natural ladies, I tend to disagree with this. This is too much heat and could cause a lot of heat damage. When I have my hair straightened, I always ask for a wet roller set then a blow dry or flat iron with one pass after sitting in the dryer till my hair is completely dry.

I shall shampoo my hair and deep condition it today; this is the process I will use.

  • Prepoo my hair with a mix of coconut oil, Castor oil and honey
  • Shampoo hair with watered down shampoo and concentrate on scalp
  • Deep condition with ORS replenishing pack with 1 tbsp of coconut oil
  • De-tangle hair really well with a wide toothed comb then a Denman brush
  • Spray my hair with Tresemme and Umberto heat protectant spray and Bantu knot my hair to keep the ends stretched so that roller setting will be easier. I spray the heat protectant now so that it soaks into the hair
Once I get to the salon, I shall issue my requests of a rollerset; Below is how I am hoping it goes,

  • Sit on the salon chair and undo my Bantu knots
  • Spray my hair with some water and leave in conditioner and add some serum
  • The hairdresser will make sure my hair is completely wet before rolling it on the rollers and make sure that the hair rolls very smooth
  • Get under the drier until my hair is completely dry
  • Once my hair is dry, get out and remove rollers and blow dry my hair till the roots are straight
  • Have my hair wrapped and go into the dryer again for a few mins
  • Get out of the dryer, comb through with a wide toothed comb and leave with blinging hair with swag
Let me keep my fingers crossed that this is how it goes. Using the rollerset and blow-dry method, makes sure that I don't have too much direct heat on my hair. I shall make sure that I take pics and also trim my hair after the process. Unfortunately I do not trust anyone with trimming my hair hence I do it myself.

P.S Do you guys get scared of straightening hair because of fear of not gaining any length. I think I suffer from hair anorexia...My hair never feels long enough. I do hope I have gained some length. Pictures coming soon
Shiks said...

I have not straightened my natural hair,but when I was relaxed,I swore off the flat iron.In 2 years,I got a flat iron once and I think I traumatised my hair dresser,telling him what to do,what not to do and giving him the stink eye the whole time!


Nyashy Washy said...

Oh I actually had a really good experience. My hair is doing really well and is really thick.....hopefully I should have some pics up this weekend

Little Lydiah said...

See now this is why it was a good idea for me to go through all the posts from the first one. You have a Denman brush! :D Excellent. Could you tell me where I can get one? And the name of the type that works with natural hair. Thanks. :)

Mercy Rehema said...

its been a while since i have bin to Kenya i was asking where to get a heat protectant?

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