Confessions of a Reformed Product Junkie

Friday, June 18, 2010


I have something dark, dreadful and shocking that I want to share with you.

As most of you know i went totally natural last year and was basically a fish out of water! The first few months involved a lot of guess work, heavy handed when it came to product application, hand-in-fro disease (i kept pulling at my curls and ruining their definition, like all day) over-styling (which led to breakage due to over manipulation)... I was a hot mess yaol. But all this is nothing compared to my most disturbing nubie error, I confess that I was a product junkie extraodinaire.

I bought it all! curl activators,curl defining gels, mineral oil based moisturizers, nasty shampoos and stuff I'm not even going to mention.. I wanted length and i wanted it fast! Did i mention i was heavy handed with these products... yeah.

heres a sneak peak of what my vanity looked like.. go on.. judge me.

The extreme right is mostly hair stuff... oh but there was more in my bathroom and on my dresser.. It wasn't all bad stuff, it was just too much!

Now that I am that much older and wiser, I binned half of that gunk and only use the bare essentials. I still love to cruise the aisles of supermarkets and hang out at the hair products section... there is some good stuff out there, lovely mineral-free products and the likes but I try not to overburden my hair with too many chemicals and store-bought products.

I'll post my bare essentials as well as a break-down of the good, the bad and the down right nasty stuff for any of you who are in lost in limbo when it comes to natural hair care products., right from cleansing to styling.

Till then, it's your girl, saying PEACE!
Anonymous said...

hey Mary,just bumped into your blog today,been on Curly Nikki like for two weeks now but was dying to holler at some one with really kinky hair,so to speak,what some may call glad i found this spot...anyways,thinking of transitioning to natural and have no idea what products would be good and LOCALLY AVAILABLE...please help!!!!I like to keep it simple

Anonymous said...

Where did u buy the cantu shea butter?

Suzanne Kiarie said...

Hi Mary, Great work here. I chopped my very long relaxed hair because i felt it had thinned too much. Reading your blog only made me realize it was the best decision. Please let me know if you have managed to draft a break-down of the good, the bad and the down right nasty stuff. Many Thanks Suzanne

Stephanie McCone said...

Hey I just read your blog and it reminds me so much of myself. I too have tons of products. I have a number of hair and skin products. I try and tell myself to stop buying more stuff but it never fails. I always end up going to stores and buying more and more stuff that I don't need. It's a compulsive problem that I feel like I have no control over.

Anonymous said...

Hey mary would you mind tellin me where you got the cantu shea butter??? am planning on going natural come next year. Could you basically just advice me on what moisturizers to use and where
can i get them coz the kenyan market is flooded with hair food and i don wanna use hairfood anymore. I will appreciate your assistance.

judy gichimu said...

hi mary,am planning on trasnsitioning very soon. so am wondering where do i get the Cantu products in kenya?

Anonymous said...

hi mary,am planning to transition very am wondering where i can get the Cantu shea butter products in kenya?

Nyachomba said...

Hey its really hard to get Cantu products in Kenya, there is a little beauty shop at Thigiri Mall in Muthaiga that used to stock could check there

Nyachomba said...

Cantu shea butter is hard to get, see comment below. You can use plain water as a moisturiser or get water based moisturisers...check the ingredients, the first ingredient should be aqua or water

paranormal said...

hi mary loove this blog i've been a lonely natural for a while now what hair cream do you recommend for doing twist outs can't find cantu shea butter anywhere

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