Good Hair Day

Thursday, June 24, 2010

If there is anything I wish for as a natural haired lady,Is the elusive BAA aka Big Ass Afro. I am slowly getting there but not yet big enough. Last night I was bored with straight hair which is no longer straight due to a sweaty scalp from workout hehe. I did about 8 cornrows going down to the back of my head after moisturising and sealing with coconut oil.

This all resulted to I think the BEST hair day ever!!!! Evidence below,


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just coz I can and didn't have any posts lined up for today I decided to post a few pictures of Mary and I....


Friday, June 18, 2010

Hmmm as I was blog surfing, I happened to lay my eyes on the shoes I want to adorn my feet for eternity (seriously I could sleep in this shoes). Oh so shiny, and maybe broken ankle inducing. I love you my preeties...Maybe One day I shall have shoes and shiny and beautiful as you, for now I shall just dream.


Confessions of a Reformed Product Junkie


I have something dark, dreadful and shocking that I want to share with you.

As most of you know i went totally natural last year and was basically a fish out of water! The first few months involved a lot of guess work, heavy handed when it came to product application, hand-in-fro disease (i kept pulling at my curls and ruining their definition, like all day) over-styling (which led to breakage due to over manipulation)... I was a hot mess yaol. But all this is nothing compared to my most disturbing nubie error, I confess that I was a product junkie extraodinaire.

I bought it all! curl activators,curl defining gels, mineral oil based moisturizers, nasty shampoos and stuff I'm not even going to mention.. I wanted length and i wanted it fast! Did i mention i was heavy handed with these products... yeah.

heres a sneak peak of what my vanity looked like.. go on.. judge me.

The extreme right is mostly hair stuff... oh but there was more in my bathroom and on my dresser.. It wasn't all bad stuff, it was just too much!

Now that I am that much older and wiser, I binned half of that gunk and only use the bare essentials. I still love to cruise the aisles of supermarkets and hang out at the hair products section... there is some good stuff out there, lovely mineral-free products and the likes but I try not to overburden my hair with too many chemicals and store-bought products.

I'll post my bare essentials as well as a break-down of the good, the bad and the down right nasty stuff for any of you who are in lost in limbo when it comes to natural hair care products., right from cleansing to styling.

Till then, it's your girl, saying PEACE!

Taking down my Kinky braids

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Golly it's been ages, I've been unable to blog (or do much else on the net) for a while now but thats all sorted :) I'm happy to note Nyash has been taking good care of yaol.

I undid my Kinky braids last night; I had to soak my hair in olive oil the day before (and tie a head wrap) so that my hair wouldn't suffer from wear and tear and also to keep my hair moisturized because of the shampoo session I would have after I took em down.

Mizz Kinky_Locks (how you doin girl!) posted a comment on my last Kinky post asking about acrylic yarn. I have read up on them but i've never tried them on! Whats their texture like? I'm all for braids! After the amazing growth spurt iv just had I recommend them. BE WARNED: you MUST keep your natural hair moisturized. Seriously. And protect your edges with loose styling.

I was in the office all alone this morning and went on a blogging rampage! thats me by my work desk!

Below is me taking my braids out last night and some growth! hurrah! I washed and deep conditioned my hair immediately after and blacked out.


This morning i did some big lazy twists and held them in place with some pins and added a peacock hair-pin for some flare.

Man I missed my curls... its good to have them back!

Ummmm.. What im wearing today: my mums scarf, a lovely jacket I forgot all about, dark blue wife-beater and a pair of gray skinny jeans. Pardon the skinny ankles..

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day


Missing my curlies and NOTD

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey curlies,
Hope y'all are great. I'm struggling to fall in love with my straight hair hahaha. I miss showering from head to toe without trying to duck the water and messing with my hair during the day. Nyhooo this shall only be for 2 weeks max.

I have been taking care of my hair by applying a little coconut oil and basically putting it in a very high loose bun. Its hard to moisturise straight natural hair because as soon as you add water to natural hair...frizz city it is. I might try pin curls in the next few days and flexi rods.

This is a new nail polish by sleek that is fantastic, it applies beautifully and the colour is gorgeous. Sleek are doing really well right now. Big up to sleek. The nail polish was Kshs 199 at Our Price Nairobi which seems to be the biggest stockist of sleek in the city. Pop in and have a look.My hands look so ashy in this pics lol

Happy Hair Growing

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hair Last year (2009)

Hair today (Excuse the fat back and bad lighting)

  • My hair never comes out poker straight never has and I don't think it ever will
  • Although my hair looks thin in pictures it isn't
  • I have not had a whole load of growth but I need to rethink my goal lengths. My hair seems to be growing on the sides but not the back
  • I dusted off the ends.
  • This is the longest and thickest my hair has ever been which makes me happy yay!
  • I shall put up more pics later on

Hairexia, Length and Kenyan Salons

Friday, June 11, 2010

Image courtesy of
Hey guys,

Its been ages since I blogged about hair. I'm sorry guys, I think I just have to plan out my posts better. Well todays post is on straightening hair. I am taking the bold leap of having my hair professionally straightened this weekend. To say that I am terrified is an understatement. Since I started doing length checks I always straighten my hair for myself.Since I am in Kenya and its relatively cheap to have your hair done, I shall go to a salon. The guy I visit, really listens to what I tell him. I shall give a review on the salon soon so any natural head in Nairobi can go there if you please. Most Kenyan salons always offer a blow-dry and flat iron for natural ladies, I tend to disagree with this. This is too much heat and could cause a lot of heat damage. When I have my hair straightened, I always ask for a wet roller set then a blow dry or flat iron with one pass after sitting in the dryer till my hair is completely dry.

I shall shampoo my hair and deep condition it today; this is the process I will use.

  • Prepoo my hair with a mix of coconut oil, Castor oil and honey
  • Shampoo hair with watered down shampoo and concentrate on scalp
  • Deep condition with ORS replenishing pack with 1 tbsp of coconut oil
  • De-tangle hair really well with a wide toothed comb then a Denman brush
  • Spray my hair with Tresemme and Umberto heat protectant spray and Bantu knot my hair to keep the ends stretched so that roller setting will be easier. I spray the heat protectant now so that it soaks into the hair
Once I get to the salon, I shall issue my requests of a rollerset; Below is how I am hoping it goes,

  • Sit on the salon chair and undo my Bantu knots
  • Spray my hair with some water and leave in conditioner and add some serum
  • The hairdresser will make sure my hair is completely wet before rolling it on the rollers and make sure that the hair rolls very smooth
  • Get under the drier until my hair is completely dry
  • Once my hair is dry, get out and remove rollers and blow dry my hair till the roots are straight
  • Have my hair wrapped and go into the dryer again for a few mins
  • Get out of the dryer, comb through with a wide toothed comb and leave with blinging hair with swag
Let me keep my fingers crossed that this is how it goes. Using the rollerset and blow-dry method, makes sure that I don't have too much direct heat on my hair. I shall make sure that I take pics and also trim my hair after the process. Unfortunately I do not trust anyone with trimming my hair hence I do it myself.

P.S Do you guys get scared of straightening hair because of fear of not gaining any length. I think I suffer from hair anorexia...My hair never feels long enough. I do hope I have gained some length. Pictures coming soon

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