Lip colour explosion, cam whoring and therapy!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Totally rocking this dark, goth inspired lip.

Purple it

Nude lips...couldnt find a better picture lol

My favourite lips...neon pink. Nuff said

Bubblegum coloured lips..what say you?

I hope this goes to show that dark skin women of all shades can rock colour and rock it well.
In my younger years I was totally traumatised because of the bullying I received in school because I had this huge lips. I remember even once someone asking me what had happened to my lips. I think she thought that I had a cleft upper lip. This made me self conscious and started making me talk with my hand over my mouth or trying to cover my mouth. I do this even now and I am not sure I will ever stop. However I am in love with my lips now and love playing with lipstick and gloss.

Be inspired and rock coloured lips with your fros.
Chilli Mango said...

I just love the goth look...and your hair....just beautiful!!! Your lips are very, very cool and work them well!!

Cheers...eagerly awiting your next post...keep em coming!!!

Nyashy Washy said...

Thanks Chilli Mango (cool name by the way) reminds me of primary school. Thanks so much and will definitely keep em coming....

Anonymous said...

Your lips are BEAUTY-FULL. I love them. Aki I'm tempted to cut off my hair!

Nyashy Washy said...

Hey anonymous....Thanks for the lovely compliment....I would love to tell you CUT IT but right now do what your comfortable with.....Thanks

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