Green Smoothie Challenge

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey lovelies

Today's post will be a deviation from hair and beauty but still natural tee hee. I spent the best part of 2 weeks away from home and the food at the place I was staying was not very kind to my insides. I've also been feeling kinda fat (I know I know, might sound conceited and vain but I feel that way).
I have decided to start the green smoothie challenge, Its a 14 day programme where you drink a green smoothie every day for 14 days. One can choose to replace one meal per day with a smoothie however I have chosen to replace two meals.
This Saturday armed with a bucketful of motivation and of course some money I went blender hunting and got a deal on a Phillips blender with a 1 year warranty. I also armed myself with an array of fruits and vegetables from the supermarket, got some mango, papaya, watermelon, bananas,avocado, spinach, cucumber, ginger, apples and oranges.

I made my first smoothie this morning and as I was blending it, I must say it looked pretty yuck...but when I tasted some it was absolutely lovely. I made my smoothie with papaya, mango, spinach, melon, banana and some orange juice..pic below.

The smoothie itself looked like this,
I hope I last the whole 14days. In between meals lol I am having green tea with melon. I do not like weighing myself so at the end of the challenge I shall just see if I can fit in Marys jeans and if I do hurrah!! If not at least my insides will be kinda cleansed. I shall keep you posted on how things are going.
Faith said...

good for you!! i drink green smoothies daily for breakfast and they're surprisingly good coz as you say when you're blending the stuff it looks really gross then you have a taste and it's awesome!! i bet after the 14 days you'll find you wanna keep green smoothies as a permanent fixture in your diet...

Mary Mogoi said...

IM IN!!!! my body has been on a steady regiment of fats, sugar and loads of salt! this is it! 14 days of hardcore health and goodness... oh i beg!

hey faith! you do the green smoothie thingy! im so impressed! il try make it a lifestyle fixture..

PS! i bought the kinky braids! yay, now im waiting for my braider to come back to Nairobi. A packet goes for 250/= at Ebrahims (you wont need more than two) and it should only cost more than 800/= to have them done. FIVE thousand is silly money! when will you be back?

Faith said...

Yeah I drink green smoothies nearly every day. Trick is to start off making super tasty smoothies by using sweet fruits n mild veggies just to give you n your taste buds some time to warm up to the concept of drinking raw veggies. After a while the nutritional boost gets so addictive that you don't even mind the less sweet, more weird tasting ones once in a while.

Anyway, I'll be back mid-June. Can't wait to braid coz I'm finding my current length rather troublesome.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am a silent follower of your blog. Moved from Uganda a month ago and will be in Nai for 2 more. was inspired by this greensmoothiechallenge so decide to get me a blender but found them at a high price at Nakumatt (Ksh3500+). where can I get the good deal, if you don't mind my asking?

Nyachomba said...

@UgandanAnonymous, Thanks for following the blog, really appreciate it. To be honest thats the cheapest you can find in Nairobi in Nakumatt. Your best bet is to go to river road and check shops there or Luthuli Avenue...they should have them cheaper

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