Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hey guys,

I know the posts have been slow in coming but please bear with us, I have a few skin and hair posts coming up. This morning I decided to share what I was wearing to work. Please forgive the dodgy picture taking. I hate photos and taking them is a pain. My hair is in a flat twist out.

Have a great day guys


Lil Miss Kinky

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good day all,

I have finally taken pics of my kinky braids.. et voila!

please pardon the naked face, I took these right before bed time!

It has been a week and two days. The first week was strictly NO STYLING and NO MANIPULATION. You know how sensitive your scalp feels the first few days after braiding, well its a nasty phase where we are capable of loosing lots of hair if we rush in to styling and stuff, so please note: No manipulation until hair and braids settle.

Recall my original plan to do cornrows at the front? Yeah... Wasn't gonna happen. They looked awful!!! Dude! So what I did was I started the entire first row in three strand twists that turned into two strand twists.. this helps lock in more natural hair chunks that protect my edges. It is with great joy that I proclaim success! A week into it and I have only noticed two root bulbs! Usually I have my front braids hanging on a life line week 1; but this time, I'm quite confident!

profile pic!

Oh my goodness braiding was just awful!! I didn't straighten my natural hair enough before braiding, all I did was a couple of twists that kinda stretched it out.. bad move!! I'm not encouraging heat use, just for the LOVE OF ALL THATS HOLY stretch it out with three strand twists or cornrows a week before you decide to braid. I did it the night before. My braider had a hell of a time plucking out tightly knit strands... oh God the pain!

My braid regimen:

1. I will co-wash twice a week (starting this week, my braids are now settled)
2. I will LITERALLY drench my hair in leave-in liquid conditioners twice a week (infusium23 is my weapon of choice)
3. Spritz (glycerin + water+ additives) everyday, twice a day!
4. Moisturize and seal (sparingly) with Organics shea butter lotion after a spritz
5. Mild shampoo after two weeks (or ACV rinse or baking soda rinse)

Thanks for reading! Any tips or ideas for styling?? I'm constantly in a loose half pony tail, its getting really old really fast... so ideas are more than welcome!!

Much love!


Green Smoothie Challenge Week 2

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I just realised that I have not been sharing with you guys how my green smoothie challenge is going. Today I made a yummy smoothie which blew my taste buds away, recipe below

1 medium sized banana
1 mango
1/5th of a large pineapple
A handful of rocket
2 handfuls of spinach
A piece of ginger the size of your thumb.

This smoothie was fantastic and very zingy. You could add some lemon to make it zingier hehe.

The smoothie challenge has been difficult but its definitely do-able. The first few days were hell but now I don't feel as hungry and if I do get too hungry I have a small piece of fruit.
I do feel like I have lost weight especially around my thighs and tummy, I feel so much healthier on the inside. Warning these smoothies make you go to the toilet often haha. My Skin is so much clearer..another post on that coming soon. My stomach has definitely shrunk and I cant have big meals anymore otherwise I feel too full.

Leopard Print and Hair of the Day

Hey girlies
Its been ages.....sorry just caught up at work. I have loads of posts to come so just hang in there. Today I just wanted to share the nails I did last night plus my hair for the week. I did some cornrows a few days ago and dint like how they came out so I just removed the cornrows and had a braid out that I pulled in a bun. Pictures below

For the nails I used two different nail colours and some black liquid eyeliner to make the leopard spots hehe...got a tip from another blogger.It does not look perfect but I shall work on it during the weekend and maybe even do a tutorial. The skin on my fingers looks crinkled...a hand scrub will be done soon.

Yummy Pharrell, Eye Candy for the ladies..been obsessing over him this weekend.

Lip colour explosion, cam whoring and therapy!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Totally rocking this dark, goth inspired lip.

Purple lips....love it

Nude lips...couldnt find a better picture lol

My favourite lips...neon pink. Nuff said

Bubblegum coloured lips..what say you?

I hope this goes to show that dark skin women of all shades can rock colour and rock it well.
In my younger years I was totally traumatised because of the bullying I received in school because I had this huge lips. I remember even once someone asking me what had happened to my lips. I think she thought that I had a cleft upper lip. This made me self conscious and started making me talk with my hand over my mouth or trying to cover my mouth. I do this even now and I am not sure I will ever stop. However I am in love with my lips now and love playing with lipstick and gloss.

Be inspired and rock coloured lips with your fros.

50s Rockabilly/ Beyonce Tutorial

Some of you may understand my distaste for Beyonce and her image, I do however appreciate her makeup artist lol. The looks in the video "Why dont you love me are fantastic". I decided to use the pictures above and recreate the look with a tutorial. The pictures are below,

I started off with a clean and moisturised face, concealed any blemishes and applied my foundation and powder. From the pics of Beyonce this look has to have flawless skin.

I then used MAC Eyeshadow in Soba which is a light brown with gold flecks on my entire eyelid. This look has strong eyes and lips so a nude eyeshadow is important.

The key to this look is the strong cats eye. This requires a steady hand. I lined my eye with kohl pencil eyeliner first then used liquid eyeliner over the top. I also lined my waterline with a gold eye pencil and went over it with white eyeshadow. This makes the eyes brighter.

You also have to make sure that your brows are flawless and filled in. I then used MAC Bronzer on my cheeks and forehead to give me that Beyonce glow.

I adore the classic red lip and I love wearing it as well. I used two lipsticks to get my shade of red. With a red lip you have to make sure you apply lipbalm or good ol vaseline before. Its also advisable to give your lips a scrubbing with a plain toohtbrush or with what I use...an olive oil and sugar scrub.
This seems to be my signature pose lol

In the next post, I shall do some cam whoring and show you the different lips you can have with a classic cats eye.

Products Used

Foundation- Covergirl
Concealer- Mac Studio Fix NW40
Powder- MAC Studio Fix NW45
Bronzer- MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden
Eyeshadow- MAC Soba
Eyeliner- Rimmel Kohl Black Pencil Eyeliner and Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Lipstick- Maybelline Colorsensational in Hollywood Red and Some cheap Ibrahims lipstick
Hair. This is a day old twist out. I just tied a bandana over my head and pulled my hair forward to make a fringe.

Music to my ears

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This song is MAD, total music heaven Junior Gong and Nas, a girl couldnt ask for more.


Green Smoothie Challenge

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey lovelies

Today's post will be a deviation from hair and beauty but still natural tee hee. I spent the best part of 2 weeks away from home and the food at the place I was staying was not very kind to my insides. I've also been feeling kinda fat (I know I know, might sound conceited and vain but I feel that way).
I have decided to start the green smoothie challenge, http://www.greensmoothiechallenge.com/. Its a 14 day programme where you drink a green smoothie every day for 14 days. One can choose to replace one meal per day with a smoothie however I have chosen to replace two meals.
This Saturday armed with a bucketful of motivation and of course some money I went blender hunting and got a deal on a Phillips blender with a 1 year warranty. I also armed myself with an array of fruits and vegetables from the supermarket, got some mango, papaya, watermelon, bananas,avocado, spinach, cucumber, ginger, apples and oranges.

I made my first smoothie this morning and as I was blending it, I must say it looked pretty yuck...but when I tasted some it was absolutely lovely. I made my smoothie with papaya, mango, spinach, melon, banana and some orange juice..pic below.

The smoothie itself looked like this,
I hope I last the whole 14days. In between meals lol I am having green tea with melon. I do not like weighing myself so at the end of the challenge I shall just see if I can fit in Marys jeans and if I do hurrah!! If not at least my insides will be kinda cleansed. I shall keep you posted on how things are going.

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