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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mary and I recently took part in an Open Mic Event in Nairobi (READ, wrote a poem in 5 mins and decided to perform) It was very scary for me...Mary will write about what she felt. She really spurred me on to do it..which when I think back was a great achievement for me. The poem we wrote is below.....mind you we are not really poets we just wanted to get the natural hair revolution out there.

See that gurl over there,
they call that "that good hair
and then she walks by and holds your stare.

My hair My hair,
Nappy, Kinky, barely there hair.

Blowdry, straight kit, weave it,
Burn it, Braid it, put a wig on it
All this I try but still it wont fit.
So I cut it.

Now everywhere I go
People be staring at my funky fro,
I am that gurl with the lovely mane,
Free from the creamy crack that was once my bane.

So forgive me If I strut as I walk,
Throw my hands in the air!
For I live by the creed that,

Hope you enjoy it and please leave comments if it speaks to you

sonique said...

I like :)funny everyone has been asking me why I cut my long hair and I tell them you don't have to have a perm to look good. I'm all natural!!

Nyashy Washy said...

Hey sonique.....yeah Kenyans always associate beauty with long relaxed hair..well we can show them that Big Ass Afros are amazingly beautiful and they sure turn heads..

Mukami said...

Nice one Nya...Im rocking my fro and loving it too!

Vi Maliti said...

This has been the struggle of my life but alas,im glad iv kept my natural hair!!

Anonymous said...

great poem,that really took 5mins?!! really?!! anyways,am a transitioner and am so glad i found this site...am so excited,am giddy allova!!

Nyashy Washy said...

Hahahaha, It was such a spur of the moment thing..actually scribbled it on a drinks receipt lol....Im glad your loving the blog...loads more posts to come

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