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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel

Most ladies who rock natural hair have a sense of freedom and eccentricity that I totally admire. Style is lacking in Kenya.. I know this may have me burned to a stake but I am sticking to my stance that most ladies in Kenya have no style. A BBC article even said that Kenya has the worst sense of fashion in the continent.

Style is not the clothes you wear but how you wear them. As you walk in the streets of Kenya, most girls have on some fake hair, bad jeans and just have no sense of uniqueness. I know this may sound superficial but in my opinion I think a woman should look after herself both inside and out, by what she is wearing and also how she carries herself. I might sound like I am bashing Kenyan girls but I am just speaking from observing ladies on the streets, in clubs and restaurants. This does not include all Kenyan women, because I must admit some Kenyan women do carry themselves very well.

Most people may say that dressing well and looking good requires a lot of money, I say that that is false and a misconception. I dress well YEAH I'm going to put it out there..I think I do dress well and Mary has the most amazing sense of style she does her own thing....whether its a graphic t-shirt and jeans or just a nice dress. Most people upon meeting Mary and I, always say that they understand why we are friends, coz we dress strange!!! Well if I dress strange then Hurray to Strange. I would rather be strange than normal and a wallflower.

Dressing well in Kenya may be expensive if you expect to shop in malls and in the city centre. The shops in places like Westgate and Junction as well as Kenyan stalls are priced exorbitantly and no ordinary Kenyan can afford to shop in this places. I look at the fashion pages of magazines and newspapers and cannot imagine who they target because once you look at the stock list and the prices,you are taken aback at how an outfit can cost over Kshs 15,ooo. This to me is ridiculous. I am proud to say that I shop in markets such as Toi and Gikomba, mainly because you can get real bargains and also get some good designer stuff. I recently spent Kshs 2000 in toi and came out with bagfuls of bargains which would not even get you a pair of jeans from Mr Price.

As a Natural girl you have to try and look good and prove that having natural hair does not make you any less beautiful than the girl with long, swishy straight hair. Thats why I try to do my nails every week, shave my legs lol, do my hair and make sure that I look and feel great. Coco Chanel did say that to be irreplaceable one must always be different! I always try to live by this and that also fashion come and gos but style remains eternal.


x Nyachomba
kinky_lockz said...

its very true that as naturals its almost as if we have to go the extra mile to prove we are beautiful because everything else in society is saying different. i make the extra effort to make sure my face is on point..eyebrows done, concealer working its magic, long lashes, succulent lips lol and my hair in a tamed n glorious mess of curls :)) throw on some fab earrings and im good.. neck up that is haha the very essence of being natural requires confidence and originality... people shouldn't assume we don't have a sense of style because we break norms. i love being natural because it fits me, my personality, and my swagger. at the end of the day, to each their own... u gotta love the skin ur in, nobody else and if they can't get past ur hair or clothes... well then, thats some superficial ish to me. luvya girls xx

Nimz said...

i think you guys need to put a thumbs up,or fist up lol sign where we can click when we like i post,i LOVE everything Kinky_lockz just said.(yes 2years later,but hey!!!)he comments i think are timeless.
you all are doing a GREAT JOB and even if we dnt always comment we are here reading,learning and appreciating!!!

Nimz said...

There should be a thumbs up,or fist up sign(hehehe) cause i totally LOVE everything Kinky_lockz just wrote!Yes 2 years later is when i see this comment,but i think its totally timeless.We need to stop conforming to the overly commercialized idea of beauty and instead Embrace our own, uniquely individual beauty :-)

so 2 Thumbs up ladies,your doing a GREAT job!!!!

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