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Monday, March 1, 2010

So now we know what henna is and how long it has been used in Asia and Africa. I shall now go on into how to mix it and use it on your hair.

The henna lawsone dye needs some kind of acid for full colour release although some people do not use any type of acid. Some curly haired ladies only use henna for its conditioning properties and hence do not need any acid in their henna mixes and only add water. Henna works amazingly on African hair it;
  • gives the hair red highlights
  • relaxes the curl pattern
  • gives hair shine
  • makes the hair thicker
Henna relaxes the curl pattern by attaching itself to the cuticle of the hair, as it does so it makes the hair strand heavier and the increased weight makes the curl look loosened. The thickness also comes from the henna molecules attaching themselves to the cuticle layer.

Henna Mix
Mary and I use Hasina Henna which we get from Ebrahims supermarket for Kshs 50. Hasina henna is very fine and rinses off very easily and has a high dye content. We mix the henna with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 cups of strong black tea and then just before applying it, add some olive oil and a handful of conditioner. We add the olive oil and conditioner to combat the drying effects of henna .You can add some orange juice as lemon juice can be a bit harsh.It is best to leave the mix overnight for maximum colour release.

henna mix
When applying it is best to use gloves so as not to dye your palms orange. Apply the mix in sections, I use four sections and make sure each strand is coated. Dont be stingy with the application. You should leave the mix in for a minimum of 4 hours, Mary and I sleep with the henna in our hair and wash it off in the morning. After rinsing the Henna your hair might feel a bit hard, it is essential to do a moisturising deep conditioning treatment for a minimum of 1 hour without heat.

hair saturated with henna

The conditioning effects of Henna will be felt straight away. My hair usually feels stronger and thicker plus oh so shiny. The colour takes 3 days to settle into the hair, due to oxidation. My hair is mainly black but the roots (Virgin hair) go a deep red colour while the tips remain dark with a red tinge in the sun. The picture below is the best I could find to show the hair colour.

my hair, notice the red tinge, especially at the roots
Anonymous said...

hey,am a transitioner..my hair falls way below my shoulders with just about an inch of natural hair...i would love to henna but am not too sure this would be good for my hair right now...what do you think? Your hair is drop-dead gorgeous by the way! Love it!

Nyashy Washy said...

Hey, Henna is good for all types of hair..but I suggest maybe you try it on completely natural hair after you have BCd. I say this because I am not very sure how your relaxed hair would react to the henna, I would have to read up on this and let you know. Thanks!!! Totally blushing...

Nyashy Washy said...

Hey..again!!! I just read up on henna and relaxed hair. As for henna and transitioners its pretty good but make sure you get pure henna and not some fake stuff..I recommend Nupur henna and the one above..because they are 100% henna and wont react with the relaxed part of your hair...cheers!!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write.Got to know you through Patricia Kihoro Big up.I really want to go natural soooooo bad but I have no clue how to mantain my hair or the products to use...Let me know how to go about it.

Anonymous said...

How often do you apply henna to your hair?

Mbabazi said...

this is the post ive been looking for all night . will do this on by almost TWA this weekend.

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Anonymous..I do it every 2 weeks if my hair is out..i.e. not in protective styles

Mugs said...

Hey! Thanks for this great article. I recently joined tean natural after cutting of my looong relaxed tresses. Im gonna color my hair this weekend :) Will let u know how it goes.
MugsHey! Thanks for this great article. I recently joined tean natural after cutting of my looong relaxed tresses. Im gonna color my hair this weekend :) Will let u know how it goes.

Zoulvisia said...

Hi, I'm thinking of using this Hasina hair dye as its very cheap at my near supermarket. However I have waist long hair and most people recommend about 500 gms of henna for this length, do you know how many gms is in a packet of this? Thanks :D

Kurly said...

@Zoulvisia....Thanks for the comment, if you have waist length hair then you would probably need 1 1/2 - 2 packets...I have no idea of the grammage (totally made that word up) but I should think its about 200gms..

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