Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

There is no such thing as good hair, good hair is that that grows out of your head

It is with great pride that we have started this blog to try and educate and enlighten ladies and gentlemen on the joys that one can experience from having and maintaining natural hair. After the tremendous response on our facebook page Mary and I decided that it would be a brilliant idea to start a blog............which we have done. We hope the blog will be a platform to share our experiences with products, regimens but also a way to help readers share their concerns, fears and triumphs. Natural hair is not such a big thing in Kenya even in Africa...most ladies think it can look unprofessional and difficult to manage and maintain.. we are here to dispel those myths and armour ourselves with the knowledge to love and care for your beautiful hair. Our mission is also to help relaxed ladies who have always wanted to have natural hair but are scared, transition to natural in the healthiest way possible.
On that note we welcome you and look forward to greater things to come in the new year and Viva Le Revolucion naturale (pardon my french)
Mary Mogoi and Nyachomba Kariuki
Samora said...

My Beloved Mary and Nyash (just alphabetical order dont fret Nyash), welcome to the blogosphere. A world full of adventure and learning, I have been in this world for the last four months and it is hard and arduous and fun and cool and great but very rewarding. I wish you guys all the best with your work and maybe we could share blogging tips.

Congratulations peeps


Voe said...

hey girls :-) i hope i'm the first out of our group on facebook to write on this blog :-)
congratulations on getting this off the ground. can't wait for this to blow up and become something major. hopefully you'll employ me :-)
so great work and i shall keep checking in :-) :-)

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

Thanks guys so much for the support, means the world to me.

Sam you inspired me to write a blog and as you see I have yours in my blog list

Voe how is the hair..hope great. If you need any more guidance dont hesitate to ask...and you definitely have a job when we make it big.

Lastly please subscribe to the blog

lucy said...

this blog is heaven sent!!mad excited about it!!one of new year resolution is to get rid of my creamy cracked hair and go natural!!yaaayy!!feel so liberated.the journey to beauty starts here!!sooo proud of you guys!thank!!love you!!xoxooxoxxo

Faith said...

Having started reading this blog 2 yrs in,i thought it only right to go back & start at the very beginning...so here goes

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