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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello Readers,

When we first wrote the welcome message as the first post we did not go into the content of the blog. The blog will have features on Product reviews, Hair Stories, Random Hair posts, Ingredients and how they work on your hair, Reviews of different oils, spotlight on a natural and shared home made hair mixes.

This week I shall be reviewing Organics Tea Tree Cholesterol Rinse out/Leave in conditioner. I will use it as a deep conditioner and use it to style as well. The results will be on tomorrows blog post.

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chyiku said...

i already luuuuuurve zee blog!!! cant wait to see what comes and i have a feeling il be a super annoying be prepared!!!!
congrats girlies:)

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

Thanks Chyiku....ure the best...theres loads more to come and if you want to tell us your hair story your more than welcome.MWAH

Voe said...

I shall leave a comment after i've tried this stunt :-) but it sounds great.
One thing though. Doing twists is almost a work out in the gym. Coz my hair is quite poofy so getting the twists done takes time. I do my twists in two days, one half of my head a day :-) :-)
And the rollers is another story, another work out :-)

Joan Kakonge said...

Hi Nyash,

I think this is a brill idea. Just to add to the comments. If you have had braids on and left them too long, soak the hard bits in olive oil and then disentangle them. Works a treat.

Joan Kakonge

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

Thanks Joan....olive oil really helps when your taking out braids...advice given by our dear mother lol...and use olive oil yaani the one for cooking hehehe

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