SHRINKAGE, its a love - hate thing...

Friday, January 22, 2010

wow, its been a minute! sorry for the silence mates, i have had a twilight zone inspired week - everything that could possible go wrong went horribly wrong.. phew! I am so ready for the weekend.

Enough about that.. My dear natural heads, present and future, allow me to take a moment to discuss a topic that is close to my heart, hair shrinkage. As women we are taught that bigger is better, thus we want BAM! hair, you know Diana Ross big puffy locks that can hide a variety of birds and grassland shrubbery.

.. i know i do.. i cant wait for my hair to become a huge mess!


As i walk around town staring at peoples hair (a past time that makes me worry sometimes) i cant help but admire ladies rocking tightly locked fros that sorta resemble Lauryn Hills 90's hair...

as i type this post, keep turning towards the mirror to assess my hair's state.. today my hair is in a big ol puffy fro, it took a week of a pony tail to get it stretched out, but trust me IT WILL ABSORB ALL THE MOISTURE and shrink by the end of the day (my hair craves moisture). Prior to this i had a wash and go that had my hair tightly compressed to a quarter of its length; a look that iv only began to truly admire...

ladies, as you embark on your natural hair journey, don't fret over length; after a yummy co-wash or cleansing, take a good look at your hair in its shrunken glory... see the cute little curls? Its simply beautiful. I love knowing that my hair is in its complete natural state and healthy. Just seal the ends with the a lovely shea butter mix and walk out the door. DON'T FIGHT THE KINKS!

On that note. i think il take a couple of pics of my hair stretched out and of my hair tight and coily... you guys can comment on the look you prefer and give me some ideas on what we can do to switch the look up. feel free to post your hair pics as well (shrunk and stretched), i would love to ogle over your hair!

Mingi love,


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