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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hey guys,

This is my hair story, I was born in 1985 sob sob im so old...anywhoo I am an only girl with 3 brothers. Confession hair did not sprout from my head till I was over 2 years old hehehe imagine that, Iwas a bald headed baby for the longest. During my early toddler years my mother always cut my hair and I used to be mistaken for a boy...guess where my tom boy behaviours began? I also wore my older brothers clothes confidence much? Anyway im babbling as I started standard one I remember having a classmate who had relaxed hair that was so long and dyed. She had relaxed, dyed, shoulder length hair at 7 years old. I always begged my mother to be relaxed but she adamantly refused...throughout my primary school years all I used to do was envy my friends relaxed heads.

When I started secondary school at LCVR, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get my hair relaxed since I was a young woman now but again my mum refused. This led me to bi monthly blowdry sessions as the local salons to get that silky straight relaxed look, I remember I used to refuse them to blowdry my hair with Valon (petroleum jelly) opting rather for Venus or TCB hehehehehe thinking it was the better I laugh at it now. I also used to treat myself to Motions CPR treatment OH that made my already protein rich hair crunchy to say the least. I started putting twists in my hair and doing a twist out but my hair was so thin they looked awful... After High School I moved on to IB and then the torture with braids begun alongside my friend Mary. Kenyatta market on a Saturday morning at 8am harassed by women on the roadside and spending 7-9 hours of bum aching torture and scalp tearing all for some unhealthy synthetic/horse hair on my head. This continued for 2 years until I finished IB (International Baccalaureate). After IB I decided to get some dread locs, emancipating myself lol.....they were so thin at first but over time became thicker. I had them for about a year and a half...moved to the UK and struggled to retwist them every 2 weeks. As I struggled with them, I contemplated cutting them all of, but I was scared because of my huge bus like head.

Finally one day I got my awesome boyfriend to cut them off to little stumps.... it looked cute for a while till I decided to cut all my hair off and was left with an inch or two of hair. It actually looked really cool. My little TWA was molested with dye job after dye job went from brown, to dark red then eventually to blinding red then blonde. This made my hair sooo crispy and dry. I then told my beloved that I wanted to relax it he supported me as usual but I could tell he had reservations. Off we went to look at relaxers at the local beauty supply store,,,, looked through different brands then decided on Organic Root Stimulator relaxer in regular. I went home and put the box on my table and stared at it putting off the actual relaxing for over two weeks. Then I started researching on relaxers and how to do it. I came across an article that said that pathologists can tell a dead black woman that had relaxed their hair because they release fumes of sodium hydroxide from their brain.

Down went the relaxer idea and I started reading natural hair blogs and sites, threw away the box of relaxer and started embracing my God Given Natural Hair that was Oct 2008. I experimented with loads of products, spent alot of money on conditioners, deep treatments, essential oils etc. I came home in July 2009 and helped Mary cut her hair and we started our journey together. I have documented my progress and will post pictures in time. I am so thankful to my mother for never allowing me to relax my hair and helping me love my hair even more....I have a very supportive family and boyfriend. Mary has been my partner and we share products, regimens and watch boondocks while doing each others hair LOL.

Thanks a bunch for reading and I hope my story will encourage you to love your hair
melbusolo said...

hey girl it was awesome and soo cool meeting you. we are so on the same wavelength, i have three brothers as well !! am an only girl !! and i know lucy, i was in primary with her, how cool!! i am transitioning from relaxed to natural , my reason for relaxing was while in south africa they did not know how to maintain my hair and they dont have wide tooth comb blow driers , so they used the ka tiniest tooth comb to blow drow my lunje omundu strong hair!! it was traumatising am still recovering, anyway i decided to plait 24/7 while am there and now i have half relaxed and half natural, so i will be waiting for some transitioning tips!!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

Yeah melanda..thats really awesome cant believe the coincidence you were in moi educational centre with lucy...shes like one of my oldest pals.

I have put up the transitioning tips and if you want a more detailed consultation for your hair let me know.....
lovely meeting you...will let you know about wat i need soonest

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