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Friday, January 15, 2010


If you were stuck on a beautiful island and told to choose 5 things to carry for your hair..what would they be?

My list would include
  • A wide toothed comb for detangling and styling

  • A spray bottle- for making my moisturising spritz

  • Bottles upon bottles of conditioner- Since it would be impossible to get conditioners at the island I would get a container full of both moisture and protein conditioners and use these as a leave in, deep condition and styler.

  • Olive oil- I would carry this wonder oil not only for my hair but for my skin as well. Since I would be on a beautiful tropical island I would assume there would be coconut trees and maybe I would learn how to make some coconut oil lol.

  • Water- Since this is a tropical island, well there is an abundance of sea water.. and sea water and curly hair is a no no. I would hope to have normal water for washing, moisture etc.
What would you guys carry, share!!

Voe said...

Hey :)
Been a while. for the conditioners that you would carry for deep conditioning, other than organics tea tree cholestral what other would you use??

And other than twisting what other styles can you use with the conditioners???

Thanks Xxx

Kagonya said...

Hey, whats funny about this article is that I AM on a beautiful island and for the past four months I have been in a love/hate relationship with my once long luscious hair. I am new to this blog and quite pleased with it! I am 'forcefully' transitioning to natural hair on this island and I must say its tough coz there aren't many air products for black hair. Glad to know I only need five! :)

Anonymous said...

i live in a place with salty borehole water! will that affect my hair once i transition?

Kurly said...

Hey Anon... hmmm that's a tough one. Brimmy water is not the best for natural hair for the salt levels will drain your hair off the little moisture it possesses. We would advise that you buy some bottled water that you would use in your spritz bottle after your salty water co-washes... Be sure to carry this spritz bottle with you so that you can infuse as much needed moisture into your hair.

Hope this helps.

Zipporah Ndulu said...

Goodness! just when i was thinking of giving up on the whole natural hair transition: i stumble upon Curly Kichana, awesome advice!!! Aluta Continua :-)

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