The 10 Commandments of Natural Hair Care according to Mary and Nyash

Saturday, January 9, 2010

  1. Thou shall Moisturise and Seal, once a day at minimum
  2. Thou shall Keep a healthy, clean scalp
  3. Thou shall partake in a weekly deep Conditioning session
  4. Thou shall invest in a good leave in conditioner
  5. Thou shall detangle ONLY ON conditioner saturated hair
  6. Thou shall be kind and gentle to your ends
  7. Thou shall only sleep with a satin/silk scarf
  8. Thou shall eat healthy,drink water and exercise
  9. Thou shall practice low manipulation and undertake in protective styling
  10. Thou shall dust ends at minimum every 3 months
Voe said...

Just need some clarification. Whats low manipulation??? do matutas go for protective styling??? i put them when i'm going to sleep.
How do you do your hair beore you sleep??
And i'm wondering, when it comes to exercise, sweat doesn't bug the hair like make it tangle?? Oh and how should i do my hair if i want ot swim???
Coz swimming is what i do, don't do tread mills or running. walking ya but swimming works faster in toning my body and kepping me fit. I know i should definately have a swimming cap on to keep out as much of the chlorine water from my hair as possible.
I'm thinking of swimming on the days i do my co wash.
But i'l wait on your advise :-) :-)

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

Hey Voe,

Well low manipulation means not playing with ure hair too much like shukaing every night etc...To be honest u can shuka every night as long as u are not combing out every time. What I do when im going to bed is divide my hair into 4 sections then twist the hair and pin this case not two strand twist but just pin it.

Sweat is not good for your if u work out alot its good to just rinse your hair a little bit even if its just with water.

If you are swimming the best thing to do it wear a swimming cap..this protects the hair from chlorine which can thin the cuticle which is the outer layer of the always wear a swimming cap if possible. If not you can oil your hair with coconut oil and then swim..coconut oil prevents the loss of protein in the hair and thats why it can be used when swimming but do that when you've forgotten your swimming cap.

Voe said...

alright thanks alot. i've been finger combing my hair :-) it feels great not using a comb :-)
when you say i pin my hair after doing a twist. i twist the hair on the right side with the hair on the left side???

But i could just pin my hair down. Thank goodness bob pins are reasonable.

Oh and i was wondering where can i find satin scrunchys??? i was reading curly nikki last night and she said in one of her bolgs that the satin scrunchys are good but i haven't seen any in the cosmentic/beauty shops.

Thats all. Oh i still dont know what a BC is. well you mentioned it at your house but i've forgotten what it is, and i dont get what bi-monthly or bi-weekly means :-) :-)

Thanks big time for the feedback :-) :-) Xxx

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

Yeah finger combing is great....and very low manipulation.Aki im finding it so hard to explain how to pin know when you use hair pins to pin down ure hair, just do that to each quarter of your hair lol
I dont know about satin scrunchys but just normal hair bands will do...

BC is a big chop as in when people cut all their hair and start a fresh

Bi monthly means every two weeks yaani 2 times a month and bi weekly is 2 times a week correct me if im wrong...

ure welcome love

daisy wangui said...

am loving your blog and the natural hair evolution you gals are making natural hair the edgiest thing in town

Maureen said...

Hi! What do you mean by dusting ends?
I've been natural for 10 years. The first three years, I did the wash->blow-dry>braid routine (I know...I had no idea how damaging that was, then) and then chopped it all off and grew dreadlocks for seven years. Now, I recently cut off my dreadlocks to start over and this time I want to maintain a fro and care for it with a proper regimen. So, despite being natural for 10 years, I'm a complete rookie at this.

Maureen said...


What do you mean by dusting ends?

I've had natural hair for 10 years. For the first three years, I did the wash->blow-dry-> braid regimen (I know...I had no idea, then, how damaging that was for my hair). Then I cut it all off and grew dreadlocks for seven years. A few weeks ago, I cut off the dreadlocks to start over. I want to maintain a 'fro and keep to a proper regimen that respects my hair and gets the the best out of it :) So, despite having had natural hair for 10 years, I'm a newbie to this.

Nyachomba said...

@Maureen, dusting means going through strands of your hair and checking for split ends and fairy knots and cutting them off :-)

Zubeida Nyokabi Kimari said...

I recently did the BC after 20+ years with the perm. I did the full kinyozi- reduced my hair to about 2mm. My natural hair is VERY BIG when it's long and tangles at the blink of an eye-hence why I permed it in the first place. Question a) Could you recommend a regimen for managing my hair from when it's about an inch and I can put my fingers through, so I can manage the "bigness" and the tangles as it grows-it grows pretty fast? b) What are the best products for really short hair (less than 5cm)?

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