SHRINKAGE, its a love - hate thing...

Friday, January 22, 2010

wow, its been a minute! sorry for the silence mates, i have had a twilight zone inspired week - everything that could possible go wrong went horribly wrong.. phew! I am so ready for the weekend.

Enough about that.. My dear natural heads, present and future, allow me to take a moment to discuss a topic that is close to my heart, hair shrinkage. As women we are taught that bigger is better, thus we want BAM! hair, you know Diana Ross big puffy locks that can hide a variety of birds and grassland shrubbery.

.. i know i do.. i cant wait for my hair to become a huge mess!


As i walk around town staring at peoples hair (a past time that makes me worry sometimes) i cant help but admire ladies rocking tightly locked fros that sorta resemble Lauryn Hills 90's hair...

as i type this post, keep turning towards the mirror to assess my hair's state.. today my hair is in a big ol puffy fro, it took a week of a pony tail to get it stretched out, but trust me IT WILL ABSORB ALL THE MOISTURE and shrink by the end of the day (my hair craves moisture). Prior to this i had a wash and go that had my hair tightly compressed to a quarter of its length; a look that iv only began to truly admire...

ladies, as you embark on your natural hair journey, don't fret over length; after a yummy co-wash or cleansing, take a good look at your hair in its shrunken glory... see the cute little curls? Its simply beautiful. I love knowing that my hair is in its complete natural state and healthy. Just seal the ends with the a lovely shea butter mix and walk out the door. DON'T FIGHT THE KINKS!

On that note. i think il take a couple of pics of my hair stretched out and of my hair tight and coily... you guys can comment on the look you prefer and give me some ideas on what we can do to switch the look up. feel free to post your hair pics as well (shrunk and stretched), i would love to ogle over your hair!

Mingi love,


Divas Natural Hair survival kit

Friday, January 15, 2010


If you were stuck on a beautiful island and told to choose 5 things to carry for your hair..what would they be?

My list would include
  • A wide toothed comb for detangling and styling

  • A spray bottle- for making my moisturising spritz

  • Bottles upon bottles of conditioner- Since it would be impossible to get conditioners at the island I would get a container full of both moisture and protein conditioners and use these as a leave in, deep condition and styler.

  • Olive oil- I would carry this wonder oil not only for my hair but for my skin as well. Since I would be on a beautiful tropical island I would assume there would be coconut trees and maybe I would learn how to make some coconut oil lol.

  • Water- Since this is a tropical island, well there is an abundance of sea water.. and sea water and curly hair is a no no. I would hope to have normal water for washing, moisture etc.
What would you guys carry, share!!


Glycerin Moisturising Spritz

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hi all,

Dry, Dusty, Grimy, not insulting anyone or anything but just giving describing words to the air that is in Nairobi. Nairobi is in the tropics and is not particularly humid sooooo what does that mean to your hair...dry, cracked, splitting ends and parched hair.

The dryness can be managed and healthy moisturised ends and hair can be a reality. This can be done with cheap ingredients and does not have to cost an arm and a leg. I use a moisturising spritz that gives my hair soooo much moisture and makes my hair feel sooo yummy. I can even carry a little spray bottle in my huge handbag for touch ups in the office bathroom lol

The moisturising spritz is made from a mixture of water (tap water is fine), conditioner, glycerin and an essential oil ( this is not a must).

Normally I do not have special measurements for my moisturising spritz I measure with my eyes. I always fill 3/4 way my 400ml spray bottle with water and put like 3 tablespoons of glycerin and add 5 tablespoons of conditioner to the mix. I add lavender essential oil for its antiseptic properties and also because it has a lovely scent, sometimes I add rosemary oil which can be also be used as a preservative

When you make up a batch, try make sure you can use it for a week so that it does not go off or be a breeding ground for bacteria and top it up every week.

Where to Buy (Kenya)
Spray Bottle- Super Cosmetics/ Our Price Kshs 70-100
Water- Free (unless its water rationing season)
Conditioner- Kshs 182-400, you can use any conditioner you choose in this case I use HH because it works for me.
Glycerin- Any supermarket, chemist, cosmetics shop Kshs 70-100, this will last you ages
Essential Oils- Healthy U, Nakumatt, health shop Kshs 500-2000

How to Use.
I use the moisturising spritz every day/ twice a day to refresh my twist outs, moisturise my hair, refresh my twists etc. I just spray my hair and concentrate on the ends then seal with any oil or my shea butter mix.

Thanks for reading.

Nyachomba X

The 10 Commandments of Natural Hair Care according to Mary and Nyash

Saturday, January 9, 2010

  1. Thou shall Moisturise and Seal, once a day at minimum
  2. Thou shall Keep a healthy, clean scalp
  3. Thou shall partake in a weekly deep Conditioning session
  4. Thou shall invest in a good leave in conditioner
  5. Thou shall detangle ONLY ON conditioner saturated hair
  6. Thou shall be kind and gentle to your ends
  7. Thou shall only sleep with a satin/silk scarf
  8. Thou shall eat healthy,drink water and exercise
  9. Thou shall practice low manipulation and undertake in protective styling
  10. Thou shall dust ends at minimum every 3 months

Views on Natural Hair in Kenya

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hi all,

I just had a sudden urge to blog on the views of natural hair in Kenya. Whenever I met anyone when my hair is in a wash and go or a twist out.. they always ask what have you done to your hair? Most of the time I just say "Nothing my hair is just this way". I have gotten all types of comments e.g. my hair is like a somalis, nywele makamasi ( i find this disgusting), some people say I have good hair or nice hair,I remember even being asked if I was full black Kenyan..which I proudly am. We as African ladies have always been under the illusion that natural African hair is not curly and is just a tough mass of cotton wool on our head. This is not true we have all types of textures and we all have good hair. In learning to manage our hair we can all have huge kinky curly afros..and I think we as africans should rock afros!!!!! In the First post Mary and I said that good hair is the one that grows out of your head and I believe in that fully, just because you hair is a different texture it does not mean you have "bad" hair.

In Kenya the natural hair scene is not huge but has slowly been growing. Most Kenyan women or girls are so used to having relaxers that having natural hair is not an option. Also when you go to a hair salon with natural hair they always ask "why dont you put a perm?" or "why do you like your hair like that?". I once went to a hair salon in Nairobi and the hair dresser said he could not roller set my hair coz It would end up being too big/wild dint he know I love me some wild hair lol..I did not let that upset me and I went to another hairdresser and had a gorgeous roller set with some huge Diana Ross hair.

We as African, Kenyan ladies should be proud of the kinks,coils and curls that adorn our heads and should not let anyone put our hair down. Natural hair is easy to manage so whats the problem??

Twist n Curl using Organics Tea Tree Cholesterol Conditioner

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I promised a product review of Africas Best Organics Tea Tree rinse out and leave in conditioner. This conditioner comes in a huge tub that is Kshs 390 at Nakumatt and Kshs 495 at Uchumi and Super Cosmetics...for readers outside the country its £3.99 or $4 which in my opinion is very reasonable for the amount you get. The ingredients are listed below

Water, Cetyl alchohol, Stearyl alchohol, Stearalkonium chloride, Glycerin, Cholesterol, Soybean oil, Lanolin oil, Tea tree oil, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Polyquarternium-37 & Propylene glycol, Dicaprylate/dicaprate & PPG-1, Trideceth-6, DMDM, Hydantoin, fragrance, & artificial coloring.

Product Description
The products claims that you will " Experience a Higher Level of conditioning and moisturising", working as both leave in conditioner or a deep conditioner.

My ExperienceI have tried using it for both and it works quite well despite all the chemicals it contains. Cholesterol conditioners such as this one are said to be good for dry and damaged hair this is because they repair and add moisture to dehydrated hair and they increase the strength of the hair and add shine and softness. This conditioner is effectively a protein and moisture conditioner hence good for us natural girls because too much protein can harm natural hair.

I used this conditioner to style my twist n curl.I washed my hair with baking soda and water( 1 tablespoon baking soda to 750ml water), rinsed then while damp,I deep conditioned with a mixture of organics cholesterol conditioner and 1 tbsps of olive oil. Let this sit for 1 hour under a shower cap and towel to keep the warmth in my head and activate the conditioner. I rinsed out the conditioner and while my hair was still wet added a glob about the size of my palm onto each half of my head then put coconut oil over that to seal my strands. I then parted my hair in 3 sections and started to twist (medium sized) while spraying my hair with water to keep it dripping wet. As I twisted I put perm rods and little rollers on the end of 3 or 4 twists. Once finished I put on a silk scarf and went to bed.

In the morning I took out the rollers, untwisted the hair and hair was so soft...shiny and moisturised not bad for a chemical filled conditioner. This style will keep for a week, I will make it last by applying coconut oil or shea butter to my hair especially the ends.
This is how it looked like,

*In the first pic thats not a bald patch in the middle of my head, I just parted my hair badly when doing my twists and also my hair is very fine(thin strands)

Thanks for reading and Happy Hair Growing
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Spotlight on the Blog

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello Readers,

When we first wrote the welcome message as the first post we did not go into the content of the blog. The blog will have features on Product reviews, Hair Stories, Random Hair posts, Ingredients and how they work on your hair, Reviews of different oils, spotlight on a natural and shared home made hair mixes.

This week I shall be reviewing Organics Tea Tree Cholesterol Rinse out/Leave in conditioner. I will use it as a deep conditioner and use it to style as well. The results will be on tomorrows blog post.

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My Hair Story,Nyachomba

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hey guys,

This is my hair story, I was born in 1985 sob sob im so old...anywhoo I am an only girl with 3 brothers. Confession hair did not sprout from my head till I was over 2 years old hehehe imagine that, Iwas a bald headed baby for the longest. During my early toddler years my mother always cut my hair and I used to be mistaken for a boy...guess where my tom boy behaviours began? I also wore my older brothers clothes confidence much? Anyway im babbling as I started standard one I remember having a classmate who had relaxed hair that was so long and dyed. She had relaxed, dyed, shoulder length hair at 7 years old. I always begged my mother to be relaxed but she adamantly refused...throughout my primary school years all I used to do was envy my friends relaxed heads.

When I started secondary school at LCVR, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get my hair relaxed since I was a young woman now but again my mum refused. This led me to bi monthly blowdry sessions as the local salons to get that silky straight relaxed look, I remember I used to refuse them to blowdry my hair with Valon (petroleum jelly) opting rather for Venus or TCB hehehehehe thinking it was the better I laugh at it now. I also used to treat myself to Motions CPR treatment OH that made my already protein rich hair crunchy to say the least. I started putting twists in my hair and doing a twist out but my hair was so thin they looked awful... After High School I moved on to IB and then the torture with braids begun alongside my friend Mary. Kenyatta market on a Saturday morning at 8am harassed by women on the roadside and spending 7-9 hours of bum aching torture and scalp tearing all for some unhealthy synthetic/horse hair on my head. This continued for 2 years until I finished IB (International Baccalaureate). After IB I decided to get some dread locs, emancipating myself lol.....they were so thin at first but over time became thicker. I had them for about a year and a half...moved to the UK and struggled to retwist them every 2 weeks. As I struggled with them, I contemplated cutting them all of, but I was scared because of my huge bus like head.

Finally one day I got my awesome boyfriend to cut them off to little stumps.... it looked cute for a while till I decided to cut all my hair off and was left with an inch or two of hair. It actually looked really cool. My little TWA was molested with dye job after dye job went from brown, to dark red then eventually to blinding red then blonde. This made my hair sooo crispy and dry. I then told my beloved that I wanted to relax it he supported me as usual but I could tell he had reservations. Off we went to look at relaxers at the local beauty supply store,,,, looked through different brands then decided on Organic Root Stimulator relaxer in regular. I went home and put the box on my table and stared at it putting off the actual relaxing for over two weeks. Then I started researching on relaxers and how to do it. I came across an article that said that pathologists can tell a dead black woman that had relaxed their hair because they release fumes of sodium hydroxide from their brain.

Down went the relaxer idea and I started reading natural hair blogs and sites, threw away the box of relaxer and started embracing my God Given Natural Hair that was Oct 2008. I experimented with loads of products, spent alot of money on conditioners, deep treatments, essential oils etc. I came home in July 2009 and helped Mary cut her hair and we started our journey together. I have documented my progress and will post pictures in time. I am so thankful to my mother for never allowing me to relax my hair and helping me love my hair even more....I have a very supportive family and boyfriend. Mary has been my partner and we share products, regimens and watch boondocks while doing each others hair LOL.

Thanks a bunch for reading and I hope my story will encourage you to love your hair

My hair story.. Mary

My hair... where to start...

The beginning seems like the best place, i was born on a Sunday night... kicking and screaming like anyone else.. my hair was "like thick black oil", says my dear old mum. Till this day I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing... but boy oh boy i was one hell of a mop head. i was more hair than baby!

Lets fast forward to five years...

My mum did a helluva good job caring for and maintaining my hair.. Kamatanas, matutas and lines were the norm; she never used store bought chemicals on my hair. Coconut oil was my thing. I reeked of the stuff. I'm pretty sure when playing hide-and-seek, the other kids had a huge advantage as they could sniff me out a mile away; they always found me! its either that or i just plain sucked at playing hide-and-seek. But i digress! my mama took good care of my thick curly hair and it was long and healthy.. thank you mama*

Fast forward to another five yeas...

I wanted BRAIDS! and i wanted them NOW! by golly i remember screaming for 'hair piece' like my life depended on it. everyone else had em! being the last born of a bunch of girls i found it unfair that my elder sisters had braids while i was forbidden to have any on. Again, my mums principles led her to believe i was too young to have braids and that i was fine with my thick crazy hair. I won the battle and that year was the year i began my love-hate relationship with braids. I was never a perm girl, no sir, i fear chemicals (hippy parents you see) so it was never my thing.. but what was, and deeply so, my thing was BLOW DRYING!!!! dumm dumm dumm duuuum!

When I was not in braids, say for a period of one month, I was blow drying my hair like every other week (much to the deep disapproval of my mum). And I loved that good, strong blow-dry, you know, "ya wedding" blow-dry, the blow dry that involved a whole lotta smoke, oil, burning hair and hinged skin. If that was the price I had to pay for straight hair, I was totally with it..

By the time i was fifteen my hair was not the crowning glory it once was.. Like most silly teens I no longer heeded to my mothers sound advice. When i was in my micro braids i completely abandoned my hair. It was weak, and lacked any definition even when wet. The frequent blow dry sessions kept my hair thin and stunted its growth due to constant breakage. I cringe when I look back and remember how I combed my hair daily with a fine tooth comb... I slathered my mane in hair grease and used protein treatments that were doing more harm than good. My hair was a hot mess yaol..

One of my sisters, Tesha got into the natural hair train right around that time. She abandoned blow drying her hair, cut it and went completely natural. This baffled me! And like most little sisters I tried to mimic her, and failed miserably! first of all i was unwilling to lose any length, so i didn't cut it at all. I would wash my hair daily with shampoo, followed by a good towel dry and proceed to douse my hair in gel. My tips were weak and limp while my growth was coily and compressed. It looked awful. Yeah I gave up on this after a few months of switching between braiding and gel smothered hair... thankfully.

I am now in my early twenties. 2009 was the year I learned that AFRICAN hair is a beautiful thing. It was on that day that I freed myself from the chains of oppression that had once led me to believe that my God-given hair is not worthy, not beautiful and not desirable. It was on that day that I CUT my hair.

Best damned decision I've ever made.

It was a shock to the system. Short curly hair. I was scared, excited and giddy. My good buddy Nyash had the honors of cutting my hair (and for that I will be forever grateful). It has been a long road since then, re-learning my hair, appreciating its complexities and loving its texture. I am still figuring out what works for me and what doesn't. I love reading up on African hair care, empowering myself with knowledge and most importantly sharing that information..

There are good days and crazy days... all the while my hair is healthy and growing! and im looooovin' it! Thats my story.. I hope you enjoyed it. I would love to hear your stories; present, past and your future hopes.. Please feel free to share.

Much love


Happy New Year!!

There is no such thing as good hair, good hair is that that grows out of your head

It is with great pride that we have started this blog to try and educate and enlighten ladies and gentlemen on the joys that one can experience from having and maintaining natural hair. After the tremendous response on our facebook page Mary and I decided that it would be a brilliant idea to start a blog............which we have done. We hope the blog will be a platform to share our experiences with products, regimens but also a way to help readers share their concerns, fears and triumphs. Natural hair is not such a big thing in Kenya even in Africa...most ladies think it can look unprofessional and difficult to manage and maintain.. we are here to dispel those myths and armour ourselves with the knowledge to love and care for your beautiful hair. Our mission is also to help relaxed ladies who have always wanted to have natural hair but are scared, transition to natural in the healthiest way possible.
On that note we welcome you and look forward to greater things to come in the new year and Viva Le Revolucion naturale (pardon my french)
Mary Mogoi and Nyachomba Kariuki

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