10 things we're definitely going to do next year: Cont'd

Friday, December 17, 2010

1. Give the blog a new name. Ok, we love "The Natural Girl's Guide to Beauty" but just picture this; imagine try telling it to someone as you jump off a moving vehicle, with three seconds to spare, in the middle of a street parade... you dig? It's too long and kinda hard to remember (and type out). So, in the spirit of progress, we are definitely considering a new name (what do you guys think).

2. Come 2011, expect this... VIDEOS! Yes, we will post up short tutorials (hair, make-up, blunders, fashion etc). People, don't expect magic, we are a simple folk prone to error but we shall do our very best to make them informative and high-quality.

3. Go .com - more of that 'spirit of progress' stuff (^_^)

4. Do a heck of a lot more protective styling and promote challenges and product reviews; Nyash and I will give you guys the low-down on how and where we will get our hair done (be it at home or professionally). For our Kenyan followers we will do salon reviews (complete with pics and interviews). For our international readers, we will give you an insight to what hair care looks like here in Africa :)

5. More fun restaurant and cultural event reviews! Picture heavy and full of awesomeness! (Lordy, we will need some kinda budget for this...)

6. Put the VEG back in Vegetarian. None of that white-meat-eating-vegetarian stuff. Wish us luck. This will be a tough one.

7. Work out consistently and eat healthily as well. Nyash and I will chronicle our road to "happy and healthy".

8. Have the first ever official NATURAL HAIR MEET UP this side of the Sahara. YEEEEAAAAAAAAH BOI!!!!!

9. Take to the Streets of Nairobi and post up street fashion for you guys. Kenya is full of beautiful people of all manner of cultural backgrounds. Can't wait, this should be epic.

10. Grow this hair like you wouldn't believe... BAA's here we come.

Thanks for reading x

10 things we are glad we did this year

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 things we are glad we did this year

  1. Starting the blog was monumental and we are so glad we did it. January 2nd 2010. 170 posts later we are still here and getting so much love! We do appreciate all those who have supported us (not going to mention names) but we really are very grateful
  2. Running the 10K. This started as a joke and we hardly trained hard enough. We did manage to finish the run in 1hr 15mins. Next year 21kms
  3. Stopped obsessing about length. As you start your hair journey your influenced by all this bloggers and youtubers with long hair and you kind of obsess about your length. Hanging head in shame, that used to be me (Nyachomba). Now I am happy with my hair and not really bothered with having long hair...and always checking how long it is..haven't even done a length check in months!!Love your hair no matter what length is it at!
  4. Loving the bodies we are in!http://thenaturalgirlsguidetobeauty.blogspot.com/2010/11/marathon-body-image-and-everything-in.html. Mary did this post and went through her body image issues and we got tonnes of comments. At the end of it all we decided that Happy and Healthy in any shape or size is freaking awesome. Happy and Healthy!!! This is our mantra.
  5. This is your life, do what you love and do it often! I feel like I finally started living this year, having fun like fun was going out of style, being happy in life, loving like I have never loved before, enjoying food. I am glad I started enjoying life!
  6. Losing out Product Junkiesm. This was awesome. Not having to get a thousand products and just storing them away (I know, sad huh?). Using 2 or 3 products yields the same result so why not just use what works.
  7. Protective styling. This has really worked for Mary. She has been a champion of protective styling and has gained a lot of length from this. Her hair is so healthy, strong and oh so soft....like a feather filled pillow. Big up to Mary and her protective styling and her freaking amazing hair!!!Twist, Kinky Twist, Braid....Thank you!
  8. Attending Blankets and Wine. This was eye opening, we got to meet so many cool people and loads of natural heads which left us very inspired.Knowing that Kenya is having a mini revolution in terms of Natural hair. Well I am ready to be the Che Guevara of the revolution..maybe not as rugged or hot!!(yeah I have a little crush on this Argentinian)
  9. Making cyber friendships with some lovely ladies, Chilli Mango, Kinky_lockz. This ladies have been so supportive and are so gorgeous in real life. So grateful for the comments you ladies leave and we have to have natural hair meet up soonest!!Love ya ladies.
  10. Gave a platform for all the BC and Natural hair stories on the blog. Seeing pictures of you guys on your natural hair journeys is very inspiring not only for us but for other women who may be unsure of how to go about going natural.
P.S I would love to have half of Afro Samurai's Afro...yeah I said it lol

Fairy knots be gone! Words of advice from a fellow Natural

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello all!

In case there are those of you who didn't know, Nyash and I started out with a Facebook Page before we became serious bloggers (ok, pseudo-serious)... Every once in a while we like to put something up on the page and every so often some of our awesome readers will post up something that's pretty spectacular! Serious fun I tell you!

One such reader is the lovely NN; she was kind enough to give us her take and experience with fairy knots and how she learnt how to manage the nasty little buggers. Below is her post:

Evil fairy knots....

I love wearing my kinky/curly hair out but with that comes the dreaded single strand knots/fairy knots. This has seriously gotten in the way of my beloved wash-n-go's so I turned to low-manipulation and protective styles (twists/ twist-outs etc). Even then those pesky SSK and spilt ends reared their ugly heads!! I need BIG hair in my life, I love shrinkage and most of all, the rush of the shower pouring water down my entire being from head to toe is too tempting. So in the spirit of 'sharing is caring' here are a few tips I picked up through research and experimentation:

• Shampoo & condition hair in sections/ large twists or braids instead of handling your whole head. This leads to less tangles and matting, and makes detangling much easier as well.

• Oil Rinsing:
- Shampoo hair
- Apply favorite oil to hair, leave in for 5 mins
- Rinse out the oil with warm water
- Then condition hair with favorite conditioner
- Rinse out conditioner with cold water

• Detangle hair only while damp/wet (or under running water) and saturated with conditioner. Comb/Brush from the ends to the roots. Use a wide-tooth detangling comb, follow with a (paddle) brush if you wish AND BE PATIENT... no pulling or tugging! That's rude :p

• Seal in the moisture with an oil after applying a leave-in, concentrating on the ends.

[REALITY CHECK: ALL my fairy knots and spilt ends did not disappear but I did notice a considerable difference and thus I formulated this hypothesis... If my hair stays moisturised and stretched out when manipulating and/or air drying then SSK and split ends are less likely to attack

Special thanks to NN for the post and thanks for all of you for reading.
Enjoy your day everyone X

Step by Step

Friday, December 10, 2010

Firstly, I would just like to Thank each and every one of you for reading and following the blog. This week has been epic for us and we have received so much love from the internet and blogosphere and we are so humbled by your kind comments and words. Thanks a bunch guys.

On to the next one! Yeah so I decided to document my deep conditioning procedure, Yeah I care that much lol. This is what I did,
  • In three sections, I prepooed with Coconut oil for about 30mins
  • I then diluted some cheapie shampoo and then poured the shampoo on my scalp and rubbed gently then rinsed it out
  • I then applied the deep conditioner in 4 sections on my head.
Tip: I recently discovered a new trick, after I apply the deep conditioner, I rub some coconut oil in my palm and apply it on each section with deep conditioner and then cover with a shower cap/plastic bag and leave it on for 45mins.The coconut oil makes my hair really smooth and detangling after this is usually a breeze

Coconut oil and Cheapie Venus Shampoo

Deep Conditioner, Leave In Conditioner and Co Wash Conditioner

Hair with Coconut oil prepoo

I should have shampooed in 4 braids but was too lazy. The front of my hair looks much redder than any other part.

Hair in 3 sections with deep conditioner and coconut oil applied

After Rinsing out the Shampoo,Without Flash (notice how my hair just looks dark brown)

With Flash, the red henna tint is very noticeable.

Yup, thats me! Hair full of deep conditioner.

After detangling with the wide toothed comb and denmanesque brush.

Tip: A new trick I have discovered while detangling is that if you deep conditioner does not have a great deal of slip. Just mix some conditioner and water in a spray bottle, fill it half with water and the rest with conditioner then spritz the hair until it is super saturated and slowly detangle. I did not lose as much hair as I normally do using this method

After rinsing out the deep conditioner and detangled, I applied my shea butter leave in and sealed with coconut oil, then used ecostyler gel to do my twists.
I hate this picture but I wanted to show it to you just to show you how thin my hair actually is. Twists do not look too great on me because of my fine hair but I find a way to make it work (I will soon do a post on styling fine hair and ways to deal with fine hair).This took about 40mins to do.I always do it while watching TV and this makes it easier.

My nails of the week. I love this colour, its a very pale green by LA Colours. Kshs 150 at Our Price Biashara Street

BC Diva!: Muthoni

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey all!

Today I would like to introduce you to one special lady, my gorgeous pal Muthoni (Nonie). She's a wild one; a free-spirit and rebel with a cause (plus an amaaaazing cook).

So guess what... last evening, after a hard days work, Nonie decides that shes done transitioning for a little over two months and wants to go back to being totally natural (shes had natural bra-strap length hair before and BC'd in the past) . I was like, "Girl, let's do this tomorrow after work..." she didn't want to hear it, "Today", she said, "before I lose my nerve, now let's go!"

Now how could I say no.

Here are a couple of pictures of her 'Before':

Gorgeous girl :)

That's Nonie and our good pal Tim (he has the most beautiful curls... I'll post something up on him as soon as he grows them out)

Back at her place, I run to the fridge to look for something to drink (FOOD) and when I turn around there's Nonie, scissor in hand, completely going at her ponytail! I scurried for the camera. This was it, she wasn't kidding around.

Girlfriend going AT IT!

Good bye relaxed ends.

I took over at this point, removing any and all traces of relaxed hair that we could find.

BAM! au naturale! Rocking her TWA!
At this point she was all bright-eyed and excited! She couldn't keep her hands off it, "Oh I've missed you..." she cooed.

And now for some nonie-indulgent pics... Enjoy!

How pretty is that!

How long have you been natural?
1 day and loving it!

Why did you chemically treat your hair and when?
I had to for a job interview process... Long story didn't get it but was stuck with hair :(

How did it feel doing your big chop?
Relief! Happiness! Joy!

What reaction did you receive from your family, friends and workmates?
It was all positive they said I suited it so I guess I was lucky in that regard

What is your current regimen?
Moisturiser!!!!! And lotsa conditioning....

What would you tell a new natural, or transitioning nubie?
Love it and keep it well moisturized

What do you love most about being natural?
It feels like me... It's so easy to love

Anything else you want to add?
I can't wait to see it grow and to style it...

Thanks for reading!

We go together like Blankets and Wine Part III

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gorgeous people, This is the last post on Blankets and Wine and the grand finale focuses on hair. There was so much natural hair on show mainly locs but natural nonetheless. Enjoy the pictures

Locd n Free

Close cut Mohawk

Auburn TWA


Isn't she the prettiest lady ever!! Lady in Green

Lovely ladies


Look how grown Mary's hair is.

P.S I recently got featured on bglhonline. Check out the feature by clicking on this link http://bglhonline.com/2010/12/nfatw-nyachomba-in-kenya/

All pictures taken by the Lovely Fairy, Mary!!

We go together like Blankets and Wine Part II

Monday, December 6, 2010

Beautiful people, Yes you! Blankets and Wine had loads of fashionable people..unfortunately we could not pick everyone. We did take pictures of people who definitely needed and deserved a mention, enjoy the images and look out for part III

Look at those trainers!!Fedora anyone?

Blue and White and Sunglasses

Young Musicians

Not sure about tights in the sunshine..but hurray for teal coloured shoes

Pretty smiles!

Retro T-Shirt

Pink Leopard!

Tourist getting in on the Henna fad

Big Hat, Harem Pants and Ethnic Print Maxi Dress


Earthy Red Accents, Mary looks pweety!

Your two favourite bloggers!!

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