The Style | Braids

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It baffles me that my edges are still intact with my love for braids, this love affair has been going on since I was about 12 and has also been chronicled here, here, and here
Years later, I still get a thrill going to the hairdressers to get my braids done although now I have to look into doing my own braids or paying exorbitant amounts to get them done here in the UAE.

If any of you readers know of good salons in the UAE that can do braids...let me know in the comments. 

Enough rambling! I recently did a quiz on that tells you the kind of naturalista you are. My results were not mind-blowing, I am definitely a Natural Hair Minimalist. I have found the products I love and work for me and have enough stock to keep me going for a while. I wanted to share the products that are keeping my braids smelling fresh and looking good 4 weeks in. 

Bu.Ke Shampoo Bar - A staple in any East African Natural Hair Enthusiast's statsh

My edges are thriving from using this as edge control, this is Pure Aloe Vera Gel and you can pick it up in most health food stores. 

I picked this Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Conditioner up from my local Carrefour in Abu Dhabi. It has no Parabens or Sulphates and smells like a Fijian Dream. I have used it as a rinse out and leave in conditioner and so far so good.

 The full line-up. The Brown bottle on the extreme right is my DIY body and hair oil with Macadamia, Avocado, Coconut and Olive oil.    

My undercut is growing out and I am slowly learning to trim it myself with the Husband's beard trimmer

Happy Tuesday
Any must have braid products that you guys can recommend, would love to hear it in the comments. 

On: Living and Growing in Abu Dhabi

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

As some of you may know from my social media, I recently moved to the UAE! It was all very sudden, a few short weeks of planning and off I set off to Abu Dhabi to be the side kick that Le Hubs needs in his new career path. Gasp!

The view from outside our apartment helps 

I never imagined living anywhere else apart from Nairobi and always satisfied my culture cravings through annual trips to different destinations, but living elsewhere....nope...Nairobi and all that comes with it is home! 
I just wanted to share 5 truths about my experience so far;

1. Moving abroad changes you. It provides a kick up the proverbial arse and makes you appreciate family, take up new challenges, be more adventurous and explore more. 
In the few months I have been here, I feel closer to my friends and family  just because I've actually stopped taking them for granted that they are just a drive away and take time to reach out on Whatsapp, Skype and phone calls.

Exploring Sir Bani Yas Island

2. Its made me more of a minimalist. There is something about not knowing whats going to happen in the next 6 months that makes you reduce the amount of stuff that you have and embrace the capsule wardrobe. I currently own only 6 pairs of shoes! Me, Nyachomba, who used to have more than 30 pairs. 

Three out of the Six

3. It can be lonely especially for someone who is as socially awkward as I am. Moving to a new country can be terribly lonely and its hard not to get into a funk, however being socially awkward has its perks mainly coz I really enjoy my own company. Abu Dhabi can be a very lonely city and not as big on events like Dubai. I am trying to get out as much as I can and go for meetups etc. 

4. It is terribly scary. I had to manage my professional life and living in a country where my career (Environmental Science)  choices are very limited, I have had to dig deep and think through what to do and how to do it. Not letting the fear get to me though, onwards and upwards!!

5. New opportunities are just an idea away. I am taking this time to step out of my comfort zone and be more proactive with every thing that comes my way.

Any of you guys living abroad? Any tips on how to adjust and settle?

The Favourites : July

Monday, August 8, 2016

I love having a blog mainly because it's a space that I can share products and technique that work for me with all of you guys who I consider my gal pals! I want to keep it that way and share some products that I have been using and lovely and make up my July favourites.
First off, since getting on the third floor I am obsessed with my skin. I thank all the gods, my fairy godmother and most importantly my real mother because my skin is generally quite well behaved. I only have breakouts when Aunt Flo is around, but most of the time I am sailing on cloud clear skin. 


I had to give up my beloved retin-a due to some personal issues so I went in search of a similar product to help me clear my pores and dead skin. All my internet skincare sisters aka Reddit recommended Glycolic Acid especially in its most potent form. 
I managed to get these Glycolic Fix Pads from Goodlife Pharmacy and the Serum from the UK ( you can probably get it from Goodlife as well). Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid which basically releases and dissolves dead skin cells leaving glowy skin behind and increasing cell turnover. 

The Radha Beauty Vitamin C Serum I got from Camene Beauty. Vitamin C is the ultimate product for brightening skin and I had to get on that bright skin bandwagon.

I have been using these products at night after washing my face with SheabyAsal's shea butter soap, I rub the glycolic pad over my face and neck then apply the Vitamin C serum and glycolic serum. So far so good, my skin is definitely brighter and glowier. 


I am still in love with the best leave in (hands down) the Profective MegaGrowth Leave in, it has such amazing slip and moisture. I have been using so many oils and had ignored Shea Butter, recently fallen back in love with Shea. 
I got this Dove Intensive Repair conditioner for Kshs 250 at Chandarana and I love it. 
These three products are curently on rotation come wash day.

It is well established that I am a shameless lipstick addict, I got these two Kleancolor beauties for Kshs 500 each from @accessories__trend on Instagram. 
The one at the top is Winterberry a greyish mauve and the bottom is Hippy which is a rusty red colour. 

Happy Tuesday!

What are your current July favourites? Would love to hear more in the comments.